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Washing Machine, A salad spinner and blood banks

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Q: What are three uses for a centrifuge?
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What method uses spinning to separate a mixture?

A centrifuge.

What are the uses of a micro centrifuge?

to separate the precipitate(hard) from the solvent(fluid)

How does centrifuge work using centripetal acceleration?

Centripetal acceleration is the force inwards on an object moving in a circular motion.A centrifuge uses an acceleration (in terms of g, which is the acceleration due to gravity) that is specified by the user. A centrifuge uses 2 rotors at the same rotational speed but with different diameters to create 2 different accelerations.Particles of different masses will separate in the centrifuge because they move at different speeds due to acceleration.

What are three common techniques for separating mixtures?

distillation centrifuge magnet filter

What is a centrifuge used for?

A centrifuge is used to separate a suspension

What is the technique for balancing a centrifuge when centrifuging a sample?

Add tubes to your centrifuge basket arranged as factors of the total number of spaces. For instance, if you have a twelve hole centrifuge, you can add tubes in every second hole, for six tubes in total; in every third hole for four tubes in total, in every fourth hole for three tubes in total; or every sixth hole for two tubes. You can combine these factors one way to place five tubes in your centrifuge basket - a balanced array of two and a balanced array of three tubes. As well as that, you can arrange the gaps in your centrifuge basket the same way, so you can have five , four, three or two tubes left out of a twelve hole basket. In that way it is possible to place two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten or twelve tubes safely in a twelve hole centrifuge basket.

What are the parts of a centrifuge and their functions?

A centrifuge has holes to insert the centrifuge tubes in, a cap to secure the tubes inside, and a lid to protect both the samples and experimenter in case of malfunction. There is also typically a way to set the centrifuge speed and a power switch to turn the centrifuge on and off.

Who developed the centrifuge?

Antonin Prandtl, however Gustof de Laval invented the first "Modern" centrifuge.

Medical appartus that uses centripetal force?

The centrifuge spins using centrifugal force and is used in many medical laboratory tests.

How motor in centrifuge works?

centrifuge is a system which is used to separate the water from the diesel.

How do you use centrifuge to separate plasm in blood?

Using centrifuge: brill idea

A machine called a centrifuge is used in?

A centrifuge is used for separation of materials after density.

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