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It ignited a righteous anger, created a short term bias against the Japanese and created a long term interest in military preparedness.

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Q: What are three ways Pearl Harbor changed society?
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What type of movie is Pearl Harbor?

The movie Pearl Harbor falls into three categories: Action, Drama, and Romance.

What type of Pearl Harbor is movie?

The movie Pearl Harbor falls into three categories: Action, Drama, and Romance.

What three US ships were not salvaged from the Pearl Harbor attacks?

The 3 ships that were not salvaged after the attack on Pearl Harbor are the USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma and the Utah.

What were the three distinct areas where the war was being fought at Pearl Harbor?

Warships in the harbor; Airfields; Schofield Barracks.

When did the Americans begin fighting the Nazis after Pearl Harbor and why?

Nazi Germany declared war on the United States just three or four days after Pearl Harbor. Michael Montagne

What three miscalculations did the Japanese make at pearl harbor?

who ever asked this is stupid

How many US vessels were anchored in the Pearl Harbor before the attack?

There was 90 ships docked in Pearl Harbor. Three ships sank, while four more took damage.

Did the Flying Tigers bomb Japan before Pearl Harbor?

No. The Flying Tigers first saw combat on December 20, 1941, approximately three weeks after Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese.

Which ships survived the attack on pearl harbor?

three aircraft carriers survived by chance

Who delcared war on the United States three days after pearl harbor?

Nazi Germany

What 2 boats were not in the harbor during Pearl Harbor attack?

Three American aircraft carriers were spared from the attack on Pearl Harbor. They were: - The USS Enterprise (she was returning to Pearl Harbor) - The USS Lexington (she was on her way to Midway Island delivering aircraft) - The USS Saratoga (she was docked in San Diego)

Where majority of us ships were located during Pearl Harbor attack?

Most of them were stationed AT Pearl Harbor, but there were three aircraft carriers out of the base patrolling the waters, which in the future helped the United States win the war!

How many cruisers were destroyed in attack on Pearl Harbor?

There were present at Pearl Harbor 8 cruisers, 2 heavy cruisers and 6 light cruisers when the attack came. Three cruisers were damaged but none were destroyed.

Who shot down three planes at pearl harbor?

Chief Petty Officer John Finn

What were three ships bombed in pearl Harbor?

The USS Utah , USS Oklahoma and USS Arizona .

Which three countries are located on Hawaii island and the big island?

Pearl Harbor, Oahu, and Hawaii

Was horoshima in retaliation for Pearl Harbor?

No, the A-Bomb attack on Hiroshima was done to shock the Japanese leaders into surrender to end the war that Japan started more than three years earlier with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

What are three major historical events that happened in Hawaii?

pearl Harbor 1942. diamond head erupted,

What were three major events that drew the U.S. into World War Two?

pearl harbor, Hitler ,war

The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor damage the US navy but this attack was not a compete success because of what mistakes?

The four carriers that were the primary targets were not docked in Pearl Harbor at the time, three were being services in California, and one was on patrol.

Describe the destruction at Pearl Harbor?

In modern parlance the destruction at Pearl Harbor was a mere pittance. The US lost 188 Aircraft, eight Battleshiips, three light Cruisers, three Destroyers and four lesser vessels either sunk or destroyed. Only 2,403 Pearl Harbor defenders were killed and 1,104 wounded. Massive destruction and a major defeat. More important was the "Shock and Awe" effect. The US had been attacked and that was intolerable.

What was bombed during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

American battleships were bombed at Pearl Harbor. The main target for the Japanese forces were the American aircraft carriers but luckly for the Americans the aircraft carriers were out doing training so Japanese forces hit the battleships, airplanes landed at the airbase in Pearl Harbor. Five battleships were sunk, three light cruisers, three destroyers, three smaller vessels, 188 aircrafts were destoried. 2,335 servicemen were killed, 68 civilians were killed, 1,178 were wounded. asalman88

What did the United States did to Japan after the attack on pearl harbor?

Three words. IT'S ON *****

How long after the bombing of pearl harbor did US drop atomic bomb on japan?

Three years and eight months

What Pacific ships were not at Pearl Harbor during the attack?

first answer:The ONLY US Navy ships that were not at Pearl Harbor, were the ones that mattered! The US Aircraft Carriers. Had those carriers been present during the attack; history would have been DRASTICALLY ALTERED!second more correct answer:A large part of the US Pacific Fleet was not at Pearl Harbor on the morning that it was attacked.All three Fleet Aircraft Carriers in the Pacific were not at Pearl Harbor.One of the nine Battleships in the Pacific was not at Pearl Harbor.Eleven of the 13 Heavy Cruisers in the Pacific were not at Pearl Harbor.Five of the 11 Light Cruisers in the Pacific were not at Pearl Harbor.37 of the 68 Destroyers in the Pacific were not at Pearl Harbor.47 of the 51 Submarines in the Pacific were not at Pearl Harbor.The ships that were at sea, were primarily involved in operations to reinforce Midway & WakeIslands, escort convoys to/from the Philippines, or were on patrol in waters not far from Hawaii.