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Tell her that she looks really nice, tell her she smells nice too; tell her that her eyes, (if blue) remind you of the ocean, (if green) remind you of a meadow, (if brown) remind you of the coat of a beautiful horse. ALL women love compliments at any age. You can say one day, "Wow, you're sure looking hot" or "do you realize just how pretty you are and what a great personality you have." Some people can take compliments if the are confident in themselves and others find it difficult. The compliments should come from the heart and if they do just speak your mind. Too often people never give enough compliments to others and a good compliment can recharge the batteries of many people. If I think someone is attractive or I like what they're wearing (be it female or male) I'll give compliments and I receive the compliments I get with grace and I'm thankful for them. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What are tips on how to compliment a girl in a subtle manner?
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Compliment natural aspects like her face. Girls like classy guys. Don't talk about sex or her chest.Tell her she has an adorable smile, wonderful eyes, or a cute laugh.

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uhhh ummm,... let me think tht can mean many different things, but if you a guy and want to tel a girl you love them, then try to compliment them more with like"you look good today" stuff like tht or tell them you love them

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* * * *

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Do you mean taking her out? ok. *compliment her (make sure they aren't false or too cheesy) *be nice(this sounds like a no-brainer, but seriously) *have good manners (the girl doesn't want to go out with a total pig) *have fun if it is your first date with the girl, don't make your move (liplock). a simple peck on the cheek or hand will be enoughfor the first date.

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First, complement the girl. She will be comfertable with you and then you can ask her out. On your date, kiss her ligthly on the lips. You will probably have another date comming up with her! compliment her, stare into her eyes, be by her every minute show that you care, help her when she needs help, and sooner or later she will get the message!

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here are some tips to get a girl to like you: make eye contact, make a conversation, be nice, and just be yourself. hope this helps. :)

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There are many tips one can learn on how to tell a girl that she is liked. First off, be friendly and engage in conversation. Once she is comfortable, then she can be told that she is liked.

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yes here is one of the most important tips BE YOURSELF!!!!

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Being a girl and being in relationships before you really can't force a girl into starting a romance. But there are tips that you can do to spark one. 1. Compliment her all the time such as i love you, you look beautiful, or your my baby etc. 2. Make her feel that she is only yours and that no man is coming near her in a loving way 3. And understand that she might want to take it slow (this means she really like you and wants to have a good long lasting relationship) If you use those tips you will spark a romance in no time

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Don't talk about any of your ex's. Don't bring up any "fisical encounters" you have had with other girls. Don't lie cause well you will get caught cause they like to test us.If she thinks she is fat or ugly and she says she is she is just trying to get a compliment.

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