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A typical Irish food is shepherds pie!

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Q: What are typical Irish foods?
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What is a typical lunch in Ireland?

A typical lunch in Ireland would be Irish breads, soups and stews. Traditional Irish foods for lunch meals are considered "peasant dishes".

What are the typical foods in Ireland?

Irish stew, bacon and cabbage, a full Irish breakfast, brownbread etc its all fairly bland! POTATOES!

What food is Ireland known for?

Some foods that Ireland is known for are Irish stew, Irish soda bread, and corned beef with cabbage. Other foods are scones and apple cakes. A typical beverage is stout beer.

Is there a typical word the Irish use for friend?

The Irish for friend is "cara" in the Irish language

What typical Irish?

Rephrase the question.

What is the typical Irish musical instrument?


How did the Anglo- Irish gentry treat the typical Irish peasant?

In a word? Lousy

What are traditional or typical foods in Spain?

There are a number of traditional or typical foods in Spain. Some of the popular foods include croquettes, salmorejo, paella and so much more.

Favorite foods the Irish love?

The Irish have subsisted on potatoes for years. However, many other sorts of foods are eaten by the Irish, including cabbage, beef, lamb, and fish.

Does Irish People eat spicy food?

They are not traditional foods in Ireland, but some Irish people do like and eat spicy foods.

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panekoeken :)

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turds turds

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Lasary voatabia

What are Cubas typical Foods?

cuban cigars

What are typical spanish foods?

beans, nachos, quesidia, guacamole, tacos, jalapenos, those are just some that i know- they might not be typical but they are spanish foods.

What is eaten during typical daily meals in Peru?

Some foods that may be eaten during a typical daily meal in Peru are alfajores, and guy. Other typical foods are llama, anticuchos, and cebiche.

What are some typical foods of Massachusetts?

There are quite a few typical foods in Massachusetts, but seafood is the most common. Other foods often found in Massachusetts are apples, cranberries, bakes beans, and clam chowder.

What are some Irish traditional foods?

Cabbage Soup; Irish Stew; potatoes, soda bread

What are Ireland's special foods?

Collde, irish stew

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typical foods

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