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It has the same function as braces, but is only a wire. Like a retainer.

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Q: What are wire braces?
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Why do teeth move when you have braces?

because the wire is attached to the individual braces....and when they tighten the wire, it moves the braces

Does putting the wire on braces hurt?

no it doesnt

What are rubberbands in braces for?

The rubber bands in braces are to cover the wire so that it does not scratch up your gums.

What is the braces emoticon?

a braces emotion is a smiley face that shows its braces in its mouth (wire criss cross metal squares on your teeth)

What do you do about a bent wire on braces?

Go to a dentist so they could fix it

What should you do if your braces wire came out?

You should call your orthodontist, the wire is keeping the teeth from moving to their original form.

Can you get braces with missing teeth?

yes you can if you already had the braces while your tooth came out then they will put a wire over it but it you teeth came out before the braces no because it is a possibility that the braces can close the gap and stop the adult tooth from coming back in

Can you eat pop rocks if you have braces?

yes you can I had some pop rocks and i have braces.

What if a wire comes off your braces?

Go to the dentist so they can put it back!

Where are the rubber bands located on braces?

THeir located on the brackets with the little wire dealy connected to it

What are braces like truthfully don't exaggerate and what is the most painful part?

Braces are uncomfortable at first and quiet painful when they tighten them and but the wire on. but once you are used to them you will forget you have them

Do braces change the shape of your teeth a lot within 2 weeks?

Yes, since during the beginning of braces there is s much to do, the wire will move the teeth quite a bit the first few weeks because the wire wants to be straight.

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