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Q: What are world climates?
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How many climates are there in the world?


Which country has all the climates of the world?


What arethe five major climates of the world?

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Venomous snakes are primarily found where in the world?

Tropical or moderate climatesVenomous snakes are found throughout the world, primarily in tropical to moderate climates.

Explain how are highland climates unigue?

Highland climates are unique in a few ways. There are highlands all over the world.

What are climates?

Climates are weather. Weather is like rainy, sunny, cloudy, and other things like that. There are many different climates all over the World. Everyone must have a climate by them.

Why do climates differ around the world?

Because of the equator

What conditions do volvox live in?

World Wide Climates

What temperature does ameobas live in?

World Wide Climates

What is the meaning of sink in geography and cartography?

geography is the natuaral resources of the world such as places,climates,riversmountains,etc. geography is the natuaral resources of the world such as places,climates,riversmountains,etc.

Around the world where can you find a banana tree?

Bananas are found mainly in sub-tropical climates but there are bananas which will grow in temperate climates.

Are geckos Australian?

They are to be found in warm climates throughout the world

What is the cause for different climates around the world?

Temperature and precipitation.

Why are deserts found on the west of countries and rainforest's on the east?

This is caused by the different climates found through out the world. Countries to the west tend to have drier climates while countries to the east tend to have wetter climates.

What are the different climates in the world?

Five different climates are mentoned below :- 1.Tropical Moist Climates: all months have average temperatures above 18° Celsius. 2.Dry Climates: with deficient precipitation during most of the year. 3.Moist Mid-latitude Climates with Mild Winters. 4.Moist Mid-Latitude Climates with Cold Winters. 5.Polar Climates: with extremely cold winters and summers.

Do gray wolves live in hot or cold climates?

Most wolves live in cooler climates but some prefer warm climates, such as the Mexican gray wolf. Historically, they inhabited much of the temperate world.

What are the 4 major world climates?

spring,summer,fall,and winter.

Where in the world could you find a butterfly?

anywhere exept cold climates

What are the name of the different climates in the world?

spring autumn summer winter

What do climatologists do?

climatologist are people who study the climates of the world...or even other planets such as MARS. they study the climates,phenomenon,and often check to see if we are hurting the world by:not recycling,littering,polluting,ect.

How would you describe the climate where you live?

There are many different climates around the world in which people live. These people may live in hot and dry climates for example.

How does climate affect the population density?

People tend to live in areas of the world that, how do you say it, have temperate climates. Not many people like to live in polar climates, or dry climates. So temperate climate zones are the way to go.

Are snow lines at the same elevation everywhere in the world?

No. In warm climates they are higher.

Where is hibiscus grown?

Native to tropical climates, but are now grown around the world.

What are the five types of climates in the world?

Warlock, Rogue, Priest, Shaman, Druid