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Pennies today are made of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.

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Were 1950's pennies made of cooper?

Pennies from 1982 and before were all copper

What are pennies made of?

Pennies are made of Zinc and Copper

Where are pennies made that are not stamped with a d?

Their are a few answers. For pennies no mint mark means Philadelphia or for proof pennies which are only in proof sets S means San Francisco.


mostly made out of copper

Where are pennies made?

Pennies are made mostly in Philadelphia and Denver. The process of making pennies is called minting.

When was the silver penny made?

The US never made silver pennies. In 1943 the US made steel pennies. These are often mistaken for silver pennies.

What was the year pennies were made of pure copper?

Pennies were made out of pure copper from 1793-1857. Today, pennies are mostly made of zinc but coated with copper.

What are wheat pennies?

Wheat pennies are pennies that were made in between the years 1909 to 1958.

Do all wheat pennies have a D or S?

No. Only if it was made at the Denver or San Francisco mint.

What element of the periodic table are pennies made out of?

Older pennies were made from about 97% copper and 3% zinc. Today, pennies are made from about 97% zinc and 3% copper.

Are the 1970s pennies different from the 1990s pennies?

Yes, in the 1970s pennies were made of 95% copper while in the 1990s they were made of about 97% zinc.

What are US pennies made from?

Pennies are zinc, but they are copper plated.

How valuable are wheat pennies?

Wheat pennies from the 1940's and 50's are 5-10 cents.

When did pennies stop being all copper?

1860 The last copper pennies were made in England, and the same year the first bronze pennies were made.

What is a real copper 1989 penny worth?

Solid copper pennies weren't made after the 60's.

How are pennies made?

pennies are made of 99.2% of zinc and 0.8% copper, with an outer plating of pure copper.

What metals are in pennies?

Older pennies were made of copper. Newer ones are made of zinc coated with copper.

What metal is used for making pennies?

Originally pennies were made of copper. They are now made mainly of zinc.

How many pennies were made in 2010?

According to the US Mint, 4010.83 million pennies were made in 2010.

How many pennies were made in 2012?

According to the US mint, 6015.2 million pennies were made in 2012.

Why were there 12 old pence make a shilling?

Pennies were made to a particular weight at any given time. About 1,000 years ago, Pennies were made from gold. It was found that 240 Pennies weighed one pound, so 240 Pennies came to be known as a Pound. When the Shilling was introduced in the 1500's, initially as the Testoon, there were 20 Shillings or Testoons in a Pound, so therefore there were 12 Pennies in a Shilling.

What are 2004 pennies made of?

Pennies produced in 2004 were made from copper-plated zinc. Pennies with 95% copper metal have not been produced since 1982.

What were pennies made of in 1959?

Pennies were made of pure copper until 1975, because it costed more than 100 pennies just to make a penny.

Is a penny an magnet?

No. Pennies were made of copper (Now US pennies are made of copper plated zinc) Magnets are made of iron or other ferro-magnetic metals.

What penny's were made out of?

Pennies were made of copper

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