Divorce and Marriage Law

What are your legal options if your spouse wants a divorce but you want to stay married?

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2006-07-18 20:50:44

Don't stay married to someone who doesn't love you. Please seek

therapy, as you should want to be happy with someone who returns

your feelings. They will only come to despise you for sticking

around, it makes you look (sorry for the harshness) PATHETIC. You

are too good for that. If you're worried about your unborn child,

there are plenty of recourse out there for you, not to mention

child support. * There are not legal means to prevent a spouse from

seeking a divorce. A judge can refuse to grant the divorce but that

rarely happens. Even when a spouse refuses to accept or respond

when served, the spouse petitioner can be granted a divorce under

default laws. One should not allow the default laws to apply as the

non compliant spouse can forfeit their right to any contestation of

the divorce terms. Also, several states require the couple to

attend joint counseling before granting a divorce decree and in a

few states before a petition can be filed. See if he will go to

marriage counseling. I wish you all the best of luck in the world:)

God Bless:)

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