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I'm not an expert, but my guess would be that if the city wants to put a sidewalk anywhere, you either have no rights or they will find a way to circumvent them. I'm sorry to say that, but it is most likely the truth.

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Q: What are your rights if a City intends to build a sidewalk on your property consuming ten feet of lawn?
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Is the sidewalk private or public property?

It depends on where the sidewalk is. A sidewalk situated on private property, such as the entry way to a commercial building or church, is private property.Sidewalks along the street are treated differently. Although the landowner may own the land up to the center line of the street, generally, the town has taken easement rights that create rights in the public to use the street and sidewalk for all purposes of a public way. In that case, although the sidewalk is on private property the public has the right to use it for passage.

What rights do one have to property if you are not married?

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Can you put your husband out if your name is not on the deed to the house?

No. You have no such property rights.No. You have no such property rights.No. You have no such property rights.No. You have no such property rights.

What are subsequent property rights?

Subsequent property rights would refer to property rights that arise after you take title to the property. An example would be your obtaining an easement from your neighbor after you purchase your property.

What is the difference between intellectual property rights and intellectual property law?

Intellectual property law defines intellectual property rights.

Are there dower rights on investment property?

In most states there aren't any dower rights on investment property. They have rights on regular property but not inheritance or investment.

Describe the importance of intellectual property rights in detail?

what is the importance of intellectual property rights?

If a spouse quitclaims a property in California do they have any community property rights to it at all?

no there are no rights

Who has lumber rights in the land the property owner or the owner of the mineral rights?

The property owner.

Life liberty property are the basic rights under what?

life liberty property are the examples of the human rights they are like example liekthose are the definition of human rights life liberty and property are the basic rights of human rights

Difference between intellectual property and intellectual property rights?

Intellectual property is an umbrella term covering patents, trademarks and copyrights.Intellectual property rights are specific abilities, granted by law to rights holders, for the control of intellectual property.

Did the slaves in the colony of Virginia have and rights?

A slave- in ANY state- was considered property. Property does not have rights.

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