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The plains of Africa (savanah)

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Why are zebras endangered?

Zebras are endangered because of poaching and habitat destruction.

What type of habitat do zebras live in?

Zebras live in the Savannah or the safari.

What are zebras habitat and range?


What noun is the subject in the following sentence the zebras live in a safe habitat at the zoo?


Do they have zebras in Hawaii?

Absolutely not! Wrong habitat!

Do pandas zebras and giraffes live in the same habitat?

Giraffes and zebras share the same habitat but not the pandas. They don't even share the same continent.

Is a zebra in danger of losing it's habitat?

Yes zebras are losing their habitat and it is going very unnoticed... Spread the awareness and get involved to help zebras!

How do zebras survive in the wild?

Zebras survive because they are adapted to their habitat and can out run most predators.

What is the climate of the zebras habitat?

it is sunny and kinda hotish

Do zebras live in the same habitat as the lion?


What other animals share a habitat with giraffes?


What is the name of a zebras habitat?

Savannah or temperate grasslands

What plants are in a zebras habitat?

A zebra's habitat has short grassland, tall grasslands, open woodlands, and savannas. There are different species of zebras, but they basically eat the same plants.

How do zebras survive in their habitat?

well it depends on where the zebra is at the time they need different thaings in a different habitat.

What habitat do zebras live in?

they live in the Savannah's, or in grass lands or woodlands.

Why are cape mountain zebras endangered?

because of habitat loss and hunting

What all do cheetahs eat in their habitat?

a lot of meat like zebras

Do jaguars hunt zebras?

No, jaguars and zebras do not naturally live anywhere near one another. The jaguar's natural habitat is in the Americas, primarily Central America, while the zebra's natural habitat is in Africa.

How does temperature affect a Zebra's habitat?

the temperature affects a zebras habitat in many ways. one way is that the temperature might be very cold and kill all of the grass, so then there would be no food for the zebras to eat.

What is the cheetah's habitat and lifestyle?

The habitat for the Cheetah is in the Savannah and the lifestyles it has is that it is the fastest land animal and it eats animals like the Zebras.

How does a zebras body structure help it survive it's habitat?

It can camouflage itself.

What does zebras home habitat look like?

What does zedras house look like

What abiotic factors are in a zebras habitat?

air water rocks sand sun

How long do zebras survive in captivity?

Zebras can be seen in Zoo. In their natural habitat Zebras can live up to 25 years. This factor depends on food and predators. Disease also can shorten their lie span.

How do humans affect the zebras habitat?

By taking away the supply of grass and by working on agriculture.