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Alta California and Nuevo Mexico.

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Q: What area did the US acquire as a result of the Mexican American War?
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What happened to Mexico as a result of the Mexican American War?

It lost about half of its land area.

Which area on the map was acquired by the US as a result of the Mexican War?

California and the American Southwest.

What area of the US was gained in 1846 as a result of the Mexican American War?

Arizona. California. Nevada. Utah. New Mexico.

What area did the US acquire as a result of the war?

That depends on which war is in question.

What is the area of California that was added to the US?

California was part of the northern portion of Mexico that was added to the US as a result of the Mexican-American War.

When was the annexation of California?

California was a part of Alta California, a region of Mexico that the US acquired as a result of the Mexican-American War. This area wasn't annexed but was ceded.

Which country originally colonized the American Southwest?

Spain had the first claims in the American southwest. Once Mexico gained independence, this area was a part of Mexico. However, the US gained control as a result of the Mexican-American War.

Why are traditional Mexican foods Catholic religious traditions and Mexican festivals popular in American Southwest?

the area was once part of mexico

What is a pachuco?

A pachuco is a Mexican-American, especially a juvenile delinquent in the Los Angeles area.

Why did the Mexican-American War begin?

The Mexican-American War began because of a clash between the Mexican Army and the US Army in the disputed border area called the Neuces Strip (See the Thornton Affair - see Related Link shown below).

Which territories did the US acquire during James Polk's presidency?

Under Polk, the US added an area in the Southwest , including New Mexico, and California as a result of the Mexican cession which was a part of the treaty that ended the Mexican War. The treaty also ended a dispute over the boundary of Texas. A separate treaty with Great Britain settled the dispute over the northern boundary of the Oregon territory.

What shows that the American Southwest was once part of Spener Mexico?

Mexican foods and celebrations are popular throughout the area

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