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Are you thinking of Albany Park? Lawrence nr Kimball(once a heavily Jewish neighborhood, Now heavily Korean, etc); North Park?, Just directly North; Or North Uptown?, Broadway nr Argyle?.

The area which comes to mind would be south of Madison and west of Halstead. Anyone else out there have info on this?

There is an old Synagogue right behind Big Chick's bar in Uptown(just North of Argyle St). This would indicate that there were Jews in this formerly Chinese enclave. Argyle St is now dominated however by the Vietnamese. How many other synagogues were in that area would be a good question. One might look for non gothic styled Christian churches in Uptown and then check around the corner stone or portal for Hebrew writing.

Not Albany Park...but thanks for the input.

North Park was heavily Scandanavian and then became diversified with Germans and Jews. After that, Asians moved there as well. There is still a very strong Scandanavian base in the community.

Hyde Park is a area of Chicago with many Jews and Chinese.

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Q: What area of Chicago was Jewish and preceded by Chinese?
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