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What aspects of Aryan society have had the greatest impact on the history of India?


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July 24, 2012 4:05PM

Aryans as the natives of India have affected the whole mankind and the world.

Aspects of Aryan Society -

1. Polytheism of nature-gods and worshipping.

2. Caste system based on professions as enunciated by Manu Rishi in Manusmriti

3. Use of horses and bullocks .

4. Sanctity of cow

5. Textiles and Clothing

6. Languages are derivatives of Sanskrit

7. Gurukul system of education

8. Sanctity of fire for its usefulness and sustenance of life

Impact on history-

Ayurveda Yoga and Health Sciences

Swastika (adopted by Nazis)

Invention of scythe-chariot by Ajathashatru

The Decimal number system, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Knowledge of Earth a Sphere, Geometry Formulae, Earth revolving around Sun, Evolution of Buddhism and other isms.

Gave luminaries hundreds of scholars and philosophers right from the Rishis to Chanakya

Wealth of temples attracted Islamic invaders from central Asia and then the Europeans.

Refusal to use cow/pig greased rifles sparked off First War of Independence 1857

(probably other things as well - not able to recollect top off my mind)