What assets or money can be taken from us if a judgment has been made against us to collect unpaid rent for a business we had to close?

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It depends on the details. If the business was incorporated and the judgment was against the corporation the creditor can only take business property and assets. If you owned the business as individuals then a judgment creditor can take any of your assets to satisfy the judgment: bank accounts, vehicles, boats, equipment, real property, etc.
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Is compensation for an injury considered an asset that can be taken in a judgment against the person who received it?

Answer . \nIt depends, some states have laws that protect funds garnered from a personal injury award from attachment/seizure by creditors. If the judgment concerns a lawsuit that involves damage to personal property or personal injury the funds are generally not exempt from seizure by the winnin ( Full Answer )

How close was Japan to using atomic bombs against the US?

Japan was nowhere near even having the technology or resources to think about it. Answer I've read some about this and the Japanese had made remarkable progress in understanding the atom and theoretical possibilities concerning a bomb. However their program was operating on a shoestring (as I rec ( Full Answer )

When a judgment has been made against a person will this affect checking or savings accounts in Michigan?

Answer . \nA writ of judgment can be used to levy a checking or savings account that belongs to the debtor. Joint accounts can be partially protected but the other account holder must file the proper documents with the court where the judgment was granted. The bank has no obligation to notify the ( Full Answer )

What can you do if there is a judgment against you from a collection agency?

Answer . \nUnless the judgment can be proved to be faulty the debtor has little choice but to try to protect as much personal and real property as is possible. All states have a set of exemptions which protects specific property from attachment or seizure for the repayment of debt(s). The preferr ( Full Answer )

If your wife is sued for something that happened before you were married can a judgment be made against your assets in N.C.?

Answer . It would be possible for a judgment creditor to levy a marital bank account that was held as joint tenants. The non-debtor spouse would be responsible for submitting proof to the court the amount of funds which belonged to them. Likewise if the couple have jointly owned property a judgm ( Full Answer )

Can your home be taken when a judgment is filed against you in Texas?

Answer . \nNo. A judgment creditor can place a lien against real property but a forced sale of a homestead is not possible. Texas is one of the few states that has a constitutional statute that directly forbids the forced sale of a primary residence for creditor debt.. Answer . \nNo, Texas ( Full Answer )

Can multiple judgment collection methods be used at the same time?

Like anything there may be an exception, but more than likely yes...absolutely! The party owed the debt is allowed to use any and all legal means to collect it, until the entire amount that is due them is received. Once there is no debt all actions must cease. There is no requirement that only one m ( Full Answer )

What action can be taken if a debt collection agency sued you and default judgment was passed for an unpaid debt if you are temporarily out of the country for a 1 year assignment?

A motion or application for an order vacating or setting aside the judgment may be made if service of the complaint had not been made properly. Before a judgment can be entered against a debtor, the complaint must be served on the debtor personally or sometimes if the court allows, by certified mail ( Full Answer )

What can you do with your money if you have a judgment against you?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nPaying off the judgment is a good option. It can prevent liens on your property and garnishments on your wages, which also tend to get your employer upset.\n. \n Alternative Interpretations \n. \nIf the debtor wants to protect his or her funds that are deposit ( Full Answer )

What if you have a judgment against you but don't have the money to pay?

If you can't pay the judgment, it will continue to accrue interest at a rate that is generally established by the state legislature each year. State law will provide that the judgment is enforceable for a fixed number of years, the number being established by the statutes of the state in which the j ( Full Answer )

If a judgment has been made against a debtor and the debt is turned over to a collection agency is the agency able to garnish wages without taking the debtor to court?

If a judgment is in place the judgment holder can execute it under the provisions of the law of the debtor's state. It would not be necessary for the creditor to transfer the debt to a collection agency.. That being said, a judgment is not transferrable, so if the original judgment holder did not r ( Full Answer )

If a judgment has been filed against you what can they do legally to collect the debt?

Answer . Depends on what state you are in. Some states allow a creditor to garnish your wages or take the funds from your bank account. Of course, the creditor would have to know your bank info. or employer to do this. Some states also allow collection against your assets, i.e. home. It just dep ( Full Answer )

Have any judgments been collected against Premier Greeting Cards Incorporated?

Answer . As of today, I know of almost a dozen investors, as well as myself, who has invested $10,000 plus dollars, and have not received any greeting cards.. I have been waiting almost 3 months, and I have not received any greeting cards.. On November 21, 2007, Premier employees, have stopped ( Full Answer )

When do you use a complementary close in a business letter?

It is always proper to use a complimentary close in a business letter unless you are writing a simplified letter, in which case both the complimentary close and salutation (i.e. "Dear Mr. Jones") are omitted.

What does it mean when SBA or the bank wins judgment against your assets?

The plaintiff may now demand that a bank or broker freeze your accounts, and that a sheriff of marshal seize accounts or other property. The plaintiff may also file a lien against any recorded property, such as real estate. If the assets are hard to find, the plaintiff may require a deposition calle ( Full Answer )

What is the money collected in a Catholic Church used for?

Churches are institutions and therefore have similar financial practices to most other institutions in respect to property, personnel, supplies, legal fees, etc. Money collected during a catholic church service is used for the upkeep of the church property and the support of the priests and religiou ( Full Answer )

What can a lender attach after a deficiency judgment has been issued against you and how far back if at all can they go to attach assets that have been disposed of?

Answer . In most jurisdictions the bank can attach any other assets you have. They cannot attach assets you transferred LEGALLY prior to this action unless the transfers were made for the purpose of avoiding creditors. If that was the case they can seek a judgment to capture the property so transf ( Full Answer )

Should a constable serve a certified letter to a tenant that a judgment has been made against in the hope of collecting money owed which the courts have made the decision to garnish his wages?

A constable cannot serve a certified letter. Certified letters are from the US Postal Service, while a constable is a court employee used to help execute on judgments. Some courts may permit a constable to use certified mailing as opposed to personal servicet, to give debtors notice of wage garnishm ( Full Answer )

Can I get a mortgage with a judgment against you from an unpaid credit card I have fairly good credit otherwise but I have a judgment against me for an unpaid credit card from 2003. Thank you?

one of 3 things could happen. 1. denial of loan 2. the mortgage company will pay the judgment and tac it on. 3. or require you to pay it and provide proof that it is satisfied. *** here is what you need to do** tell the person who has the judgment you are considering filing a chapter 7 b ( Full Answer )

What are unpaid judgments?

A judgment is a debt that is legally owed by a debtor. It is acourt ordered payment demand. An unpaid judgment is a judgment thathas not been resolved.

If a business has a judgment against them can they take money from payroll?

Huh? Take money from what...one obligation to pay another? It is their obligation to pay the judgment AND to pay employees (and rent, and insurance, and utilities, etc). It is not the employees responsibility, nor the landlords, nor the insurance company, nor the utility.

Has In God We Trust recently been taken off US money?

Did you look at your pocket change? Check out snopes.com? URBAN LEGEND, pure and simple, fomented by a number of small right-wing groups who have spread the rumor via various Internet chat rooms and blogs. There is not now and has not been ANY effort whatsoever to remove the motto. To keep ( Full Answer )

In Florida a summary judgment is against you for a business that could not finish the lease you lost your business and all your money what can the owners get from you now?

You can be ordered into court and they can ask you any question under oath about your assets, if you have no assets or money try to settle for pennies on the dollar, if that doesn't work they can refill every 15 years against you which I doubt they will depending on the amount owed.. So anytime in ( Full Answer )

What businesses use debt collection companies?

There is no special rule that says why should businesses use collection agencies. One of the most essential activities of a business is dealing with the accounts payable and there is going to be other business or consumers that will not pay on time, for business accounts that are delinquent 60, 90, ( Full Answer )

What is the money collected in your parish used for?

It is used to pay salaries for priests and other parish employees, for mortgage payments, for upkeep of the church and other parish buildings, for utilities, for educational programs (CCD, etc.) and for other day to day expenses of the parish.

Can you remove unpaid judgment against you after pay the money?

The person to whom you owe the money would need to file a document with the courts notifying them the judgment was satisfied. I would then suggest that you keep copies of these documents also since old debts some times have a bad habit of popping back up.

How can a landlord collect unpaid rent?

The landlord's tacit hypothec -- It is an action that gives the landlord security for rent money that has not been paid. If the tenant has not paid the rent ,his goods are sold to cover the unpaid rent. When the goods are attached, it means an officer of the court will come and take the goods away a ( Full Answer )

Why do businesses use the money market?

Businessess uses money market generally for temparary needs of needs. They can borrow or lends accorrding to their needs. because they might really need the money badly

You were evicted from your apartment for late payment on the rent and your landlord wants to file a judgment against you for money owed?

First, he cannot just file for a judgment. He has to be granted a judgment by the courts. And this involves a hearing, which gives you an opportunity to file a counterclaim, objection to monies owed or anything else you feel is pertinent to your situation. Therefore, you need to attend this heari ( Full Answer )

Do collection agencies pay people up front money owed to them from a judgment against a party and try to collect it for that party?

Sometime, and in some states, collection agencies may purchase debts from lenders. In these cases, they buy the debt for pennies on the dollar, and work very hard at recovering the balance. This is actually a difficult and dangerous way to do it. As long as the debt remains with the original lender, ( Full Answer )

What is the money collected by the FICA used for?

It is the tax that funds Medicare (1.45% by the payee) and Social Security (6.2% by the payee) - the medicare portion is paid on all income, whereas the social security piece is only paid until you reach the contribution limit, currently 102k, which is set by congress. The amounts contributed are pa ( Full Answer )

What if I don't have any assets and I have a judgment against me?

The judgment continues to sit on your credit report. In some cases, the person or company that was awarded the judgment on you can file paperwork to have your wages garnished and/or have any property that you have in the future held (titles) so you cannot sell them until the debt is repaid. That is ( Full Answer )

Can your home be taken when a judgment is filed against you in South Carolina?

Maybe. It depends upon how the property is titled and to whom the judgment is against in relation to how the property is titled, (TBE, JTC, JT, etc.). However, the usual judgment execution would be as a lien against the property not a forced sale. Forced sales of primary residence is possible but ( Full Answer )

Can a business that is closed still try and collect money owed?

Usually when a business closes it still has some assets, including accounts receivable (i.e.: money which it is owed), and those assets will be acquired by somebody. So the business that is closed isn't collecting money owed, but those debts can still be collected by someone.

Can a judgment in California be used against willed property?

Only insofar as the judgment can be levied against the estate of the deceased. Since it can be assumed that the willed property was part of the estate's assets then it can be liened if there are insufficient other funds in the estate's assets to satisfy the judgment.

When a case is closed and the only money collected is less than the amount of judgment what happens?

Return to the court and request a judgment lien. It can be recorded in the land records and any real property owned by the defendant cannot be mortgaged or sold until the lien is paid. The judgment lien can also be used by the sheriff to seize any other personal property to satisfy the amount owed. ( Full Answer )

What happens if a money judgment is rendered against you?

The plaintiff will receive a damage award plus court costs. The plaintiff can request a judgment lien and they can direct the sheriff to seize any property you own to satisfy the lien: your car, boat, bank account, snowmobile, home, etc. If you own real property the lien can be recorded in the land ( Full Answer )

What might someone use an asset locator for business?

Asset locators can be used to help people find property that they own, but did not know of, or that was lost. It may cost a fee to use a professional locator but it'd be worth it if one regained property.

What are the benefits of using a business collection agency?

There are a few benefits to using a collection agency for ones business or personal purposes. One benefit to using a collection agency would be being able to avoid having to directly deal with the person who owes money.