What asteroid passes nearest to the sun?


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The asteroid that passed nearest to the sun was the asteroid that fell to the Gulf of Mexico and killed all of the dinosaurs.

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most likely an asteroid that flew out of a asteroid belt or maybe a comet

The Sun has a much larger gravitational pull , an asteroid would be pulled faster toward the sun, if it were in the same proximity.

the asteroids that are nearest to the sun is mostly made out of carbon while the ones further away are made out of silicate rock

In the solar system Saturn is the nearest neighbor to Jupiter outward from the sun. Inward toward the sun, Mars is the nearest planetary neighbor to Jupiter, but the many asteroids and several minor planets in the "asteroid belt" are closer to Jupiter than is Mars.

how long does it take the asteroid belt to revolve around the sun?

Two parts of the asteroid belt, the inner belt is closer to the Sun and the outer belt is further from the Sun.

The sun. The moon orbits the earth and is our nearest space object - sometimes it passes between us and the sun, this is called a lunar eclipse. Venus orbits the sun. It is nearer the sun than us, so very occasionally it passes between us and the sun. This is called the transit of Venus.

An asteroid could never travel from the Sun to the Earth.

Ceres, also designated 1 Ceres or (1) Ceres, is the nearest dwarf planet to the Sun which is located in the main asteroid belt between mars and jupiter.

It can get as cold as it can. The farther the planet with an asteroid belt is from the sun, the colder the asteroid belt gets :)

Yes! The asteroid belt orbits the sun. Olivia

Yes. Asteroids orbit the sun.

The planets nearer the sun than the asteroid belt are; Mars Earth Venus Mercury

No, the Earth is not the nearest planet to the Sun. The nearest planet to the Sun is Mercury.

The Sun is nearest to Mercury

Mercury is nearest the sun.

Asteroids are generally in fairly ordinary orbits around the Sun, while comets fall in from deep space, pass by the Sun at a blazing speed, and retreat into deep space. When the comet is passing nearest the Sun, it is moving far more quickly than any asteroid. When it is at its most distant, the comet is barely moving at all.

Usually by another asteroid moving through the belt and hitting one, creating a force to move an asteroid from its orbit. Also, if a large enough asteroid passes by, it is possible that the gravity that it generates could pull a few off.

There are lot's of asteroids and each one is a different distance from the sun. Between Mars and Jupiter is the Asteroid belt. Is that what you mean?

Mercury (planet) is the nearest planet to the Sun.Planet Mercury is in orbit nearest the Sun.

It would depend entirely on how far away the asteroid was from the sun. Furthermore, which sun are you referring to? There are many suns in the solar system.

A dwarf planet is a body that orbits the sun - is often beyond the orbit of Jupiter and is classified below a planet. An asteroid is a body that orbits the sun within the asteroid belt.

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