What attacks turtles?

Updated: 10/8/2023
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Young turtles and turtle eggs are favorite foods of many small carnivores, including seabirds, coyotes, raccoons, and even crawfish, to name just a few. For smaller species of turtles, the shell is adequate protection against most predators, although crocodiles and humans are able to eat them. Large tortoises have no predators except humans.

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Q: What attacks turtles?
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Can turtles have heart attacks?

Nope, but they can deffinently die :(

What kind of sharks are on Guam?

Tiger and reef sharks primarily. The bigger sharks in Guam (like the tiger shark) typically stay beyond the coral reef where they hunt larger prey (like turtles). This is where most shark attacks are reported in Guam (though attacks are incredibly rare: a 1 in 11.5 million chance).

Are bog turtles land turtles?

Bog turtles are land turtles and land turtles. They are mostly land turtles.

What are turtles homes?

The shell is a turtle's armor to protect it from attacks by predators. It needs such protection because unlike many other prey animals, turtles are too slow to try to run away from a predator. A turtle has armor on both top and bottom, incase the predator flips him over.

Are hawksbill turtles snapping turtles?

no, hawksbill turtles are sea turtles

How do terrapin turtles relate to the ninja turtles?

they are turtles

How are sea turtles helpful?

People should save turtles, because if a lot of them are getting killed, there aren't going to be any turtles left. And their are approximately 200 turtles left on earth because of what people are doing to them. Please do not try to harm any creature...

Are stink pot turtles and painted turtles the same?

no, stinpots are musk turtles not painted turtles

Will large turtles eat smaller turtles?

Yes, many turtles, especially the carnivorous species such as snapping turtles, will eat smaller turtles.

Are box turtles land or water turtles?

Land turtles.

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Shark Attacks, Drowning, Dhydration, Cramps, inhaling water, allergic reaction, strong currents, rocks, drop offs, snapping turtles, fish, chiggers, sharp objects, etc

What does turtles?

other turtles