What autos use a 195-50-16 tire?

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Q: What autos use a 195-50-16 tire?
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What autos have 5-135 tire bolt pattern?

2000 ford expedition

What is the recommended tire pressure for a 1994 Buick Le Sabre?

The recommended tire pressurefor most autos is 32 lbs. I have found through my own experience that 35 lbs seem to make a bit harder ride but the tires seem to last longer. Especially on larger autos.

Is alcohol a good fuel?

No, it is a poor fuel for use in autos.

Where is SiMac autos in the UK?

Simac autos

How many strokes does gasoline have?

autos have 4 stroke, mopeds and lawnmowers use 2

Who made tire of the vhicle for the first time?

The first vehicle tyre was the metal band type used on wagons and buggies and the first autos. These were built by every blacksmith and farrier.

What happens if you trade to many autos in a year?

then you trade to many autos. nothing bad is going to happen... unless said autos are stolen.

Were can you get a RuneScape autofighter?

Use autos at your own risk Plus, you're violating the rules of Runescape.

Where can one find a tire rack discount?

The Tire Rack is the easiest way to order Tires online. Tire Rack carries products from only the top brands in the industry, like BFGoodrich, Dunlop, Bridstone, Goodyear, Michelin, General Tire, Pirelli, BBS, Fuzion, KYB, Yokohama, Firestone & more

What is the plural possessive of auto?

The plural form for the noun auto is autos. The plural possessive form is autos'.Example: Both of the autos' owners had let their insurance lapse.

How do check if you have the right tire pressure in a tire?

Read the vehicle data plate for tire pressures, and use a tire gauge to see if the tires are at that pressure.

What is use to change a car tire?

Typically a jack and a tire lug wrench. You can also use a ratchet or impact wrench.

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