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Hector, Ive never heard of a bank that specializes in that type of loan. That doesnt mean they are not out there. Usually you go whereever you have good enough credit to get the money. If your credit is good enough, the bank that repoed it will loan you money on it.

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Q: What bank in Miami Florida can you use to get a loan to pay the balance of a repossessed car?
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Is there a scotia bank in Miami Florida?


What is Barnett Bank now in South Florida?

What has happened to Barnett Bank Miami

Where is the Bank of Florida located?

The Bank of Florida is located in many different cities in Florida. There are branches in Miami, Orlando and Key West. The bank is chosen by many reasons but one is that it is local.

In the state of Florida can a bank place a lien on your home for the balance due on a repossessed car?

In theory yes, however Florida statutes pertaining to liens against homesteads are difficult to enforce due to the fact that Florida has unlimited homestead exemption. The exception would be a Mechanic's lien.

How do you get car back after repossessed in the state of Florida?

call the bank, they are the only ones that can release the vehicle to you, good luck :)

What is the location of Ocean Bank?

Ocean Bank is the largest independent state-chartered commercial bank headquartered in Florida. There are 21 convenient locations in South Florida including in Miami-Dade and Broward.

What happens if a car is repossessed?

Unless you contact the bank and work out a solution, they will sell the car. You will then be liable for the difference in what the car sells for and the balance on the note.

The bank repossessed your motorcycle what will you still have to pay?

the bank will sell the motorcycle normally at auction what ever it sells for is taken of what is owed and you pay that balance if it makes more then is owed a refund is payed

Can a bank do a repossession and charge off on your car and also demand payment of balance after selling the repossessed car?

YES, its an accounting thing. READ your contract.

What is the citibank routing number in Miami Florida?

The Citibank routing number in Miami, Florida will depend upon which Citibank you are looking for. Each bank has their own unique number. You can find this number on the bottom of your checks.

How can you buy a repossessed truck?

Go to bank or other place that repossessed the truck. Pay cash for it etc

How can you buy a repossessed vehicle directly from the bank?

Banks often keep repossessed vehicles in their parking garages. or in an appropriate storage area a reasonable distance from the bank. Walk into the bank and ask for the person in-charge of repossessed vehicles. Once onto the right department, state that you wish to purchase a particular repossessed vehicle when the title has cleared with the bank...and don't be intimidated into thinking you can't bargain, you can. Good luck.

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