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What battle ended French control of Indochina?

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The veit-mihn took a decisive victory at the battle of Battle of Dien Bien Phu. The Battle of Dien Bien Phu (French: Bataille de Diên Biên Phu; Vietnamese: Chiến dịch Điện Biên Phủ) was the climactic battle of the First Indochina War between French Union forces of the French Far East Expeditionary Corps, and Vietnamese Viet Minh communist revolutionary forces. The battle occurred between March and May 1954, and culminated in a massive French defeat that effectively ended the war.

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The fall of what ended the french control in indochina?

My balls

When did french indochina end?

The French war ended in '54.

Was there War fifty years ago?

The Korean War ended in 1953; the French Indochina War (1st Indochina War) ended in 1954.

French occopation of indo-china directly ended as the result of?

French Indochina War (or 1st Indochina War) 1946-1954.

What was the outcome of the battle of Quebec in 1759?

The battle of Quebec in 1759 ended with the French losing control of the city to the British.

What officially ended the war for independence?

This question must be referring to the French Indochina War (1946-1954); also known as the 1st Indochina War. The war ended when the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu in '54 and surrendered their forces there...then agreed to leave the country.

When did Indochina Airlines end?

Indochina Airlines ended in 2009.

When did Communist Party of IndoChina end?

Communist Party of Indochina ended in 1930.

What battle ended the French and Indian War?

Fort Duquesne

What year did the first indochina war end?

The First Indochina War started in 1946 and ended in 1954.

How did the battle of Yorktown end?

The battle of Yorktown ended with the British losing and the french and Americans winning!

Who took control of France after the French Revolution?

The French Revolution ended with Napoleon's coup.

When did the Indochina war begin and end?

Indochina war began on December 19, 1946 and ended on August 1, 1954.

What ended the french and Indian war and who got control of Florida?


Which of these events happened third?

First Indochina War ended.

When did the battle of the plains of Abraham end?

The battle ended in 1759 when the british forces sent more troops in and defeated the French

What year did Washington's troops battle the french?

1758 the war started and ended in 1764.

How did the battle of New York end?

it ended in the colonists losing and the British taking control

Why was Dien Bin Phu important?

Last battle, last French defeat, ended the war.

Were Organized Indian resistance to American control ended in 1890 after battle at?

Wounded Knee Creek

What year was the battle of somme?

The Battle of the Somme started on July 1, 1916 and ended on November 18, 1916. In this battle, the French and the British were fighting against the German Empire.

What battle ended the Indian wars in 1890?

The battle ended in 1945 when the war ended in 1945

Where did the British stop Napoleon from invading Britain?

Any possibility of a near term French Invasion was ended with the Battle of Trafalgar when the combined French and Spanish Fleets were destroyed. An earlier French Fleet destruction happened at the Battle of the Nile and it had required years for the French to rebuild the Navy.

What Battle ended the Mexican War?

The Mexican-Indian battle ended the war

What battle ended the revolution?

The Battle of Yorktown ended the American Revolutionary War.