What battles was Benedict Arnold involved in?

Arnold helped capture Fort Ticonderoga, which was not a battle but was very important, but most of the credit is due to Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. Arnold led an expedition through the Maine wilderness and participated in the Siege of Quebec, which failed to capture that city. Arnold suffered a gunshot to the leg at Quebec, which broke his thigh bone.

Arnold was in the Battle of Saratoga, and much credit for the final victory there was his, though the overall commander, Horatio Gates, tried to hog all the credit, gave no credit to Arnold, and perhaps thereby helped fuel Arnold's eventual traitorous turncoat actions.

The same leg was broken again just at the end of the Battle of Saratoga, when Arnold's horse was shot beneath him and fell on him as it died. After that Arnold's twice-broken leg was several inches shorter than the other one. If I do say so myself that's a lot of stuff that happened to Benedict Arnold.