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Russia was part of the Soviet Union, they were Allies of France, England , Canada and the USA (the USA did not enter the war until 1941, 3 years after the war began)

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What World War II battles took place in Antarctica?

No battles have taken place on Antarctica, as part of any war.

What empire was Russia part of?

During World War II Russia isn't a part of any empire, it was a "republic".

Is russia part of Germany?

During world war 2, the USSR lost atleast 35% of it land to germany during the battles between June 1941- february 1943

Is India participated in world war 2?

India was a part of the British Empire, which was a part of World War two. Indian Soldiers fought in some battles during the war.

Did Lithuania fight in World War 2?

Lithuania did fight in World War 2 but it was part of Russia.

Did the Germans bomb Russia in World War 2?

Yes , it was part of the German campaign against Russia .

Were the Russian's being occupied by Germany in world war 2?

Germany did invade Russia and battles were fought in Russia with the German army. The Germans were not very successful in their occupation.

What were the decisive battles at the end of world war 1?

The decisive battles at the end of World War 1 were the Battle of Amiens and the Battle of Albert. They part of what is famously called the 100 Days Offensive by the Allies.

Was Japan and Russia also in the axis in world war 2?

Japan yes, Russia no. Russia was part of the Soviet Union, which was on the side of the Allies.

Why is PRussia part of Poland and Russia?

Because the victorious Allies of World War 2 wanted it that way that Prussia is part of Poland, Russia, and Lithuania.

What was the end result of china after World War 2?

It was liberated in part by the United States and in part by Russia.

What was Prussia's part during world war 2?

Well, Prussia's part during World War II was nothing... Russia played a huge role in WWII

What has the author Anthony Livesey written?

Anthony Livesey has written: 'Battles of the great commanders' -- subject(s): Armed Forces, Battles, Biography, Command of troops, Generals, History 'Great Battles of World War I (Great Battles of the World Wars Series)' 'Great Battles of World War I (Great Battles)' 'The Viking atlas of World War I'

What started the kokoda war?

The battles at Kokoda were part of World War 2, begun by a Japanese attempt to capture Port Moresby.

What countries took part in World War two?

The countries that took part in World War ll were U.S.A. and Russia vs. Germany and Japan. It started out with Russia against Germany but then Japan bombed Pearl Harbor so U.S.A. declared war on Japan.

When did Russia join World War I?

Russia joined world war 1 in 1914

Did Russia surrender in war world II?

No Russia did not surrender in world war II

What countries were allied with Russia in World War 2?

The Soviets were part of the allies in WW2.

Was the US an ally of Russia during World War 2?

Russia, as part of the Soviet Union was one of the major Allies of World War II along with the US, China and the British Empire.

What battles took place in world war 2?

A multitude of battles occurred during World War II. You can get an idea of just how many there were by going to Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org) and executing a search for World War II battles.

Why did the invasion of Russia happen?

Hitler wanted to control all the world and Russia was part of that. It was also a threat and one of the countries that defeated Germany in World War I.

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