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(1)mode of asexual account in which a single parent is involved.the amoeba cell,which is unicellular, divides into two daughter cells which are identical.first the nucleus divides,then the cytoplasm and then a plasma membranes. (2)sporulation when the environmental conditions are unfavourable,the amoeba cell secrets a 3 forming a cyst.this is called encystation.when are favorable the cell divides by multiple fission and form small pseudopodiospores.the like totally wall breaks all the his houses pseudopodiospores are relased.

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What phrases best describes cytokinesis?

Division of the cytoplasm

How are amoebas asexual?

These single-celled organisms reproduce by cell division, which is a type of asexual reproduction.

Can amoeba be classified as an algae?

An amoeba is a cell that can alter its shape by extending and retracting pseudopods. The term describes a characteristic but does provide a place for it in the taxonomy of organisms. Organisms as diverse as protozoa, algae, animals, and fungi all have members that qualify as Amoebas. SOME algae are amoebas but most amoebas are NOT algae.

Which phrase best describes the sequence numbered 3 through 7?

mitotic cell division without growth.

What kingdom are amoebas in?

The amoebas are in the protista kingdom.

Are amoebas autotrophs?

yes, amoebas are autotrophs

What are amoebas classified as?

Amoebas are classified as protists.

How does the asexual reproduction happen?

Such species as the amoeba reproduce by cell division. No interaction between two amoebas is necessary or even possible.

Where can amoebas be found?

Amoebas can be found in marine environments.

What does a sarcodina do?

Sarcodina is an obsolete term used for amoebas. These single-celled organisms reproduce by cellular division, and many of them are capable of independent movement.

Do amoebas like light?

amoebas do not like light which is what the pseupods are for

Do amoebas have cell membranes?

Yes, amoebas do have cell membranes

Why do amoebas live?

Amoebas live because god made them.

Do amoebas have cells?

amoebas are single celled organisms-1 cell

What taxes do amoebas have?

Amoebas have taxes similar to speed or direction of movement

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Amoebas' impact on humans?

What are the long term effects of an amoeba in humans?

What do amoebas eat?

plantsAmoebas eat bacteria, algae and other protozoa.

How do amoebas reproduce asexually?

Amoebas reproduce asexually by means of binary fission.

Where do most amoebas live?

Most amoebas live in ponds,ditches etc...,

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