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The Mediterranean Sea is on the southeast coast of France

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Q: What body of water is on the southern border of France?
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What is the southern border of Ohio body of water?

the Ohio River

What body of water forms part of the southern border of Alabama?

The Gulf of Mexico forms part of Alabama's southern border. Florida forms most of Alabama's southern border.

What is the large body of water on Louisiana' s border?

The southern border of Louisiana is the Gulf of Mexico.

Which body of water is located on the southern border or Ukraine?

the black sea

What body of water forms the southern border Mississippi?

gulf of mexio

What bodies of water border nigeria?

Nigeria is not surrounded by a body of water since it is not an island. The Gulf of Guinea runs along the southern border of Nigeria.

What body of water forms part of southern border Alabama?

the atlantic ocean

What is the body of water off the southern coast of France?

The Mediterranean sea.

What body of water runs along ohios southern border.?

Lake Erie and I not shore that rite :):)

Which bodies of water do not border France?

Mainland France is bordered by only three bodies of water: the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the English channel. Every body of water not part of that list, does not border mainland France. The overseas departments of France border other bodies of water such as the Indian Ocean (Mayotte), the Pacific Ocean (French Polynesia), etc.

What is the large body of water in nice of France?

There is no particularly large body of water in Nice of France, but Nice is on the Mediterranean coast. So the 'Mediterranean Sea' would be the name of the large body of water near that area of Southern France, at the south-eastern corner of that country.

What bodies of water that surround Alabama?

Since it is not an island no body of water surrounds Alabama however it does have a southern border with the Gulf of Mexico.

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