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What body systems does cancer affect?

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The cancer spreads primarily through the lymph system. It can then lead to failure of major organs like your heart, and can lead to death. It mostly affects the reproductive system since the breast has fertility.

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Which body systems does colon cancer affect?

The colon cancer affect the digestive system.

Which body systems does Lung cancer affect?

The two are: Circulatory Respiratory

What body systems does colorectal cancer affect?

your digestive because that is where your colon is located at

Which organ system does brain cancer affect?

Brain cancer by itself can affect nearly all organ systems in the body because its responsible for innervating every single organ and organ systems in the body, nut the mostly affected systems are the nervous system which it is a part of and the musculo-skeletal system, this if its not metastasised. sometimes brain cancer metastasise to other organs , which accordingly will affect.

How does stomach cancer affect other body systems?

stomach cancer is just like any other cancer and it spreads to other parts of the body if not quickly detected especially the gastrointestinal system.

Can cancer affect every tissue in the body?

Yes, anywhere in the body can be attacked by cancer.

What part of the body does skin cancer generally affect?


What other systems does lung cancer affect?

Smoker who smoke cause it have cancer. It appear in nonsmoker who have cancer and not smoke.

What is the color for cancer?

Green is the color of cancer...Because it attacks to body systems...

How can cancer cellls affect body organ functions?

cancer affects the body by moving to differnt body parts.

What body systems are affected by skin cancer?


How does rickets affect body systems?

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How does cancer affect your body?

Cancer affects your body in many ways. The specific ways in which it affects it depends on the type of cancer.

How does colorectal cancer affect the body?

because cancer can damage your body and you could in pain for a long time and that's how colorectal cancer affects the body.

Which of the body systems does smoking affect?

Smoking can affect all the organs of the body system.

What body systems will the athma affect?

It will affect your lungs and breathing.

What part of body does not affect cancer?


Which body part do not get affect cancer?


What body systems do diabetes affect?

They affect the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract. Eventually they affect the brain, but secondary to these systems.

How does kidney cancer affect the body?

Kidney cancer affects your bones and lungs

How does cancer affect the body?

cancer affects the way your immune system works

What body system does Bulimia affect?

As is progresses, bulimia can affect virtually all of the systems in the body.

How does obesity affect body systems?


Which body systems does asthma affect?


What body systems does sodium affect?

All of them.

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