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the book of acts

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Q: What book in the new testament tells of orderly church government?
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What new testament book tells us of the work of the early church?

What new testament book tells us of the work of the early church

Why are there two Testaments in the Bible?

The Old Testament tells of the old history of the nation of Israel. The New Testament tells of the history of Jesus and His Church.

Which new testament book tells of the life and faith of the early church?


Which new testament books tells of the life and faith of the early church?

The Book of Acts of the Apostles tells us about the early church and its faith. It also discusses the formation of the Church and the martyrdom of the early saints.

How does the new testament of the Christian Bible different from the old testament?

The Old Testament tells about the origin of mankind God's dealing with man over the ages and God's dealings with the nation of Israel. The New Testament tells about the life of Jesus, His death and resurrection and the beginning of the Christian Church

What book in the New Testament tells about the early days in the Church?

The Book of Acts, attributed as a sequel to Luke's Gospel, it considered the 'history book' of the early Church.

Which testament tells the story of Jesus and his disciples?

The New Testament.

Book that tells us about the first people to belong to the christian church?

The establishment and early history of Christ's church (and its members) is recorded in the New Testament book of Acts of the Apostles.

What does The New Testament tells the story of?

It Tells the story of Jesus

What Book in the New Testament tells of the establishment of the first Christian Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Book of Acts tells about the establishment of the Church. It tells about the early Christian community, the first sermons, the earliest missions, the first martyrdom, the Church in Jerusalem. The foundation of the Church in Antioch is described in chapter 11; the first ecumenical Council (of which Vatican Council II was the latest) is described in chapter 13, etc.

What is the testament that tells of gods relationship with the Jewish people before Jesus?

This is the Old Testament

What is the significance of the Old Testament and New Testament?

The old testament tells of the prophecies that have come, and those that wil come later on , they have come in the new testament.

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