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What brand of scented candle works the best?

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It's not the candle, but a good wick in the candle. Stay with the soft smells (which you can obviously smell.) Vanilla can be a sickening smell while peony or other softer scents and lime/lemon can have a refreshing smell. Scented candles should never be used around food or while eating at a dining room table. I have found that so many of my friends have Allergies I get the non scented candles instead. I simply open my doors to let in some fresh air. Earlier on before guests come you can Fabreeze your couches, rugs, etc. (with a door open) to freshen things up.

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What is the best brand of candle?

It depend on your preferences, but, in my opinion, Yankee Candle is the best.

Do they make grape scented candles?

Yes, there are many Candle Companies that make candles that smell like grapes or maybe even sweet grapes. You just have to look around and find the best Candle company for you. There are some candle owners that can make you a grape scented candle just for you by requesting a special scent.

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Which are the best candles for summer?

The most suitable scented candle for summer, of course Home Lights Candles.In the hot and anxious summer, Home Lights Candles brings you the feeling of cool sea breeze, the coconut fruit ocean flavor scented candle brings you the fresh and natural experience, as if you are in the coconut forest beach, make people happy.

Which candles smell the best for someone who like pumpkins?

Yankee Candle Company, Candle Science, and Siera Mountain Candle Company all have wonderfully pumpkin scented candles with flavors like Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Souffle and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, respectively.

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