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Amsoil and Mobil are both really good brands. It also depends on what you use the car for. If you like to drive fast? Rev-hard? Drag race? drive in intense heat? Want your engine to last longer? don't want to change your oil as often? then Amsoil is the way to go. sure it is a lot more expensive than Mobil. But the quality of oil is much, much better. I recommend Mobil for everyday driving. but if you're performance minded like me... Amsoil has a large variety of different oils and viscountcies.
The writer is correct on all ideas except I say why not stick with the very best for all conditions, what will happen if your car suddenly loses coolant or over heats for various reasons......would you not want the very best protection? I have a friend who ran 500 miles on no water in his S-10 pick-up with Amsoil, no oil will protect that much! Check the web link under motor oils and select 10W-30 to find the oil comparison testing between Amsoil and Mobil 1.

>>>>Both of the above answers appear to be from AMSOIL representatives. They are biased, and incorrect.

A vast majority of drivers will notice no difference between running a fully synthetic oil over a semi synthetic. Regular oil changes are necessary on both, though you can go slightly longer in between oil changes with the synthetic oil.

Remember, your engine produces roughly the same amount of oil contaminants, regardless of what oil you use. These contaminants include unburnt fuel from cold start-up, the results of incomplete, or poor combustion, and normal carbon buildup. Your oil filter clogs at the same rate, regardless, so regular oil changes are necessary on both.

It is relevant to mention that the more expensive oil filters (such as an amsoil filter) ARE capable of filtering smaller particulate contamination, but due to this design, can actually plug up FASTER than your average manufacturer-specified oil filter. For that I reason, I always recommend to my customers and friends that they use a reputable STANDARD oil filter in all cases.

FINALLY, I would like to address the standard "My Truck Went 500 Miles Without Coolant" statement. Let me first inform you that I am a ASE Master Auto Tech with more than a decade of experience. Secondly, I am an Automotive Engineer with more than 5 years of relevant industry experience.
If you run ANY engine without coolant to the point that it overheats, you are doing PERMANENT damage NO MATTER WHAT OIL YOU RUN.
See, cars have these things called head gaskets - Overheating virtually ALL modern vehicles for any extended period of time (ie more than, say, a MINUTE) WILL result in a bad head gasket.
Furthermore, excessive heat causes a plethora of other severe problems that NO OIL WILL PREVENT, such as PERMANENTLY damaged pistons, cylinders, and rings.

Neither AMSOIL, nor ANY OTHER OIL will protect your engine if you don't take care of it.
There is no substitute for regular oil changes.

Buy what's cheap, if you *must* run a synthetic then buy what is economical for you.

I am not saying that AMSOIL isn't better in CERTAIN, SPECIAL situations - Like racing. I realize there are a lot of people that swear by it in the racing industry - But remember something. Racing engines are a *completely* different breed of engines - They make massive amounts of power, and generate a LOT of heat that is concentrated much differently than a passenger car engine. They also cna run at much higher RPM's, and experience completely different pressure differentials in the crankcase. These are all things that amsoil *might* be better for, but quite honestly, if that *were* the case, it seems that AMSOIL would be citing data from tests, instead of spreading stories like "My friends cousins brother went 500 miles with no coolant because he had AMSOIL".

Yeah. That guy went 500 miles. And then never went again, because that engine was 100% JUNK if that story is true. NO water-cooled internal combustion engine will go even 50 miles without coolant - You can take my word for it. It's true.

>>Those "tests" are a joke - They were performed by Amsoil, and not an unbiased third party. Of COURSE they are going to "show" that their oil is the "best" - Just because you followed ASTM test standards doesn't mean you didn't "design" the test procedure to make sure your oil came out on top.
Furthermore, REGARDLESS of whether amsoil outperforms mobil 1 or not, both oils would far exceed manufacturer specifications for standard motor oil - If changed regularly, engines WILL run on standard motor oil INDEFINITELY - So what's the point to spending all the extra $$$ on Amsoil/Mobil for the standard consumer? Oh wait, there IS NO point to it. It's your standard marketing scam, sell the customer a product that they DO NOT NEED, with significantly increased profit margin.

Those tests are not a joke. They were performed by world renown SouthWest Research Institute in San Antonio, using standard ASTM testing that anyone can duplicate, yet no one has disputed. The extra money you spend for AMSOIL can buy you up to 50,000 mile/1 year oil change intervals, where Mobil 1 does not. This is why the Texas State Police, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and other huge fleets save time and money with AMSOIL.
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Q: What brand of synthetic oil is best - Amsoil or Mobil?
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What brand of synthetic oil is best Amsoil or Mobil?

Synthetic oil is synthetic oil.

What is the brand name of the best synthetic oil?

Amsoil is considered the best synthetic oil by some individuals. Mobil and Shell also provide great quality synthetic oils. These products are not considered suitable for use on hair.

Which synthetic brand of motor oil is supposedly the best?

Amsoil By far the best.

What is the best oil for your car?

pennzoil platanium full synthetic AMSOIL

Best motor oil?

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic

What is the best oil for Toyota Tundra?

The best oil for the Toyota Tundra is the Amsoil Series 2000, 0-30w synthetic oil. Another good brand of oil for this vehicle is Mobile 1.

What synthetic motor oil is the best?

AMSOIL. Pricey though. Castol Syntec if to expensive.

What is the best brand of oil for a diesel truck?

Amsoil synthetic oil seems to be your best bet for oil for your diesel truck. It helps to prevent oil from becoming foamy and it works in even very hot environments.

What is the best synthetic oil for a 3.5 L dodge charger?

mobil 1

What type of oil is best for a 1999 Mercedes e320?

Synthetic from Mobil. 10W40 is probably best. How many miles and what type of oil previously used. Synthetic from Mobil. 10W40 is probably best. How many miles and what type of oil previously used.

What is the best engine oil for a Toyota innova diesel car synthetic or semi synthetic?

mobil 1 0w 40

What is the best motor oil for neon srt 4?

Mobil synthetic 5w-30

Is mobil 1 synthetic atf compatible with atf 4?

Mobil's website makes no mention of compatibility of Mobil1 ATF with Chrysler ATF +4 (MS 9602) requirements and lacks the specified friction modifiers. Look at Amsoil, they have the best tranny fluid and Chrysler will not mess with them

What is the best oil for 2007 Corvette?

Mobil 1 pure synthetic. Answer 2: Any 5w30 synthetic oil that meets the GM oil requirement. Mobil 1 and Pennzoil Platnum (iirc) are ones that do, and I believe there are a few more.

What is the best kind and brand of transmission oil to use in a 1995 Chevy S10 V6 5 speed?

Go to where you will see Amsoil Inc.'s options for your truck. It is my educated option that Amsoil offers you the best synthetic engine & drive train lubricants. My web site is and use Order Ref# 324582 for your free catalog or literature. You can also use the Amsoil Store to order products. RH.

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What is a good engine oil to use for a 2003 MINI with 60K?

Per the manufacturers recommendation, I would go with a high performance synthetic oil in either a 5W30 or 5W40viscosity (even taking into consideration your 60k mileage). One of the best synthetic oils is Amsoil, and they make a 5W40 oil specially formulated for European vehicles. The downside is that Amsoil can be hard to find at local stores. Redline is another option, they make good quality synthetic oils as well. At the very least, I would use Mobil 1, which is relatively easy to find at most stores.

What is the best oil to use in a Dodge Durango 2004 4.7?

Full Synthetic - AMSOIL. Have a 2004 Durango and that is all I use and am very satisfied.

Which is the best synthetic oil for 150cc pulsar?

Synthetic oil is synthetic oil. Any major brand will be of high quality.

Looking for different brand oil filter to replace amsoil filter?

Not sure why you would want to use a different filter. The AMSOIL is the best on the market. If you like, provide the AMSOIL part # or the year/make/mode/engine size and I will likely be able to find a replacement

What engine oil should be used in a Subaru Impreza turbo for best protection and performance?

mobil one fully synthetic

What is the oil capacity of a Honda CT90?

Mobil 20w50 Synthetic for best heat reduction on the Honda CT90. 1.9 Pints

What motor oil is best for 1998 BMW 740il?

Its a preference, but I would use, Mobil 1 synthetic 5w-30

Where can I buy cheap best synthetic oil?

AMSOIL is very widely used in vehicles and in companies that use heavy machinery; it also has good reviews. You can purchase it in bulk at They are an independent AMSOIL dealer who provide shipping to any location.

What is the best synthetic oil for a 1996 dodge 1500 differentials?

Any major brand synthetic lube in the correct weight.