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What breed is my gray and white cat?

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This could be any breed of cat. Most breeds have different colour patterns, most of which are very common in most other cat breeds. If you got your cat from a pedigree breeder, then they would have given you papers along with the cat that would say what breed the cat is. If not, it is classed as a Domestic Shorthair or Domestic Longhair (or "moggie"), which is a term used for cats that have mixed genes or have no proof of its linage.

If you still would like to know, try and contact a cat breeder as they have significant knowledge of cat breeds.

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What is a blue and white cat?

A blue and white cat is not a breed it's the coloring of a cat! They are called blue and gray but in appearance they are gray and white! A blue and white cat is not a particular breed, just a blue cat with white.

What is the breed of a white cat?

A white cat can be of any breed. It is simply a white cat.

What breed is gray and white cat?

His a mutt. Maybe of Russian blue decent if he has striking green eyes.

What if your your cat is grey and white and fluffy and there is some darker gray stripes What breed could he be?

It could be in a Maine Coon - Kittylover2422

What color of kittens will you get if you breed a orange cat with a gray cat?

You will get a multi-colored cat likely..............

What breed of cat is black and white?

As far as I know there is no specific breed of cat that is black and white. Black and white cats can be the color of almost any breed. :)

What color is a cat?

Many colors- Green and Bright Red seem to be missing, but we have had black, white, gray, chocolate, calico (white,orange. black) striped- and we have one very pretty girl that is gray, with orange/red underfur. Depends on the breed of the cat.

What breed of calico cat has no white?

a calico cat is defined by its white. if it has no white, it is not a calico but a tortiseshell.

Breed a tabby cat and a white cat what color will the kittens be?

The kittens would be plain white, tabby marking and colour, or if the white cat is a mixed breed any colour can be expected

What color of kittens will you get if you breed a tuxedo cat and a bi color white with gray cat?

it depends on the cats genetics, the most likely pair would be gray or black tuxedos or black or gray patch. black is a more dominant color so you most likely will have black

What breed of cat is Tallstar?

None. He's a wild, black-and-white cat, not a specific breed.

What term applies to any gray cat regardless of breed?

Blue is the term given to gray cats.

What breed is a black and white cat with long eyebrows and short whiskers?

The breed of cat that is black and white with long eyebrows and short whiskers appears to be a European Shorthair. This breed of cat is native to Italy and Sweden.

What type of cat has a grey color with white color on legs?

A gray cat with white on its legs may either be a blue and white cat or a brown tabby and white cat. If there are no stripes, spots, or other markings on the gray color, then it is a blue and white. If there are stripes, spots, or other markings on the gray color, then the cat is a brown tabby and white. Also if it has light orange/tan marks it could be a Dilute Calico.

What color will the kittens be if you breed a brown cat and a white cat?

It depends because a ginger tom and a black and white mixed breed bred and one of the kittens was grey with ginger splodges. You may get another white cat or brown cat or a white cat with brown splodges.

What breed is your cat he is mainly black with a little white?

A tuxedo cat

How do you know if your cat is a Russian Blue breed?

If it is gray blue with green eyes.

What color is Taylor Swifts cat?

Her cat is a Scottish Fold and she is gray/white

Is the Birman a breed of cat?

The Birman is a breed of cat that is distinguished by blue eyes, white paws, and a silky coat.

What type of breed is this cat he's gray and white he has large paws his eyes look like they have makeup on them and he is very large but he's 4 month old and he has a white spot on his neck?


Breed a tabby cat and a white cat?

It depends what gene becomes recessive

What breed is gray and white cat black stripes?

The description sounds like your cat is a silver/grey tabby. However, the term "tabby" is a coat pattern, and therefore is no indicator of the breed (many different breeds can have tabby markings). If the cat came with no certificate or papers saying what breed he/she is, then he/she is most likely is a mutt/moggy. "Moggy" just means that your cat has a mixed and/or unrecorded lineage.

What breed is a calico cat?

I have a calico cat her mum is an orange and white house cat and her dad is a black and white house cat no real breeding just a mixture of colours orange black and white they are very pretty.Answer:Calico is a coat colour, not a breed.

What breed is cat with gray fur?

Russian Blues and British Blues (and their crosses can be) are grey

What kind of a horse breed is a gray black and white?

Kladruber Lipizzaner