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Lots of horses are brown and have a 'white dot' on their forehead. the 'white dot' is actually called a star

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Q: What breed of horses is the brown one with the white spot on the forehead?
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White mark on a horses forehead?

it IS Called A star

What is the breed for a brown and white horse?

Depends on the horses markings. Could be a paint (colored quarter horse) or a pinto or an appaloosa.

What is the formula for a special breed in horse academy?

for a blanket appaloosa, heres the formula. brown: two brown horses with the white paint gene black: two black horses with the white paint gene. the mane and tail colors don't really matter. DO NOT CHANGE THE COAT OF A SPEC. BREED BECAUSE YOU CANNOT GET IT BACK AFTER!

What animal rhymes with tire?

Shire one of an English breed of large, strong draft horses having a usually brown or bay coat with white markings.

What breed of dog has wiry white hair with brown spots?

A pbgv can be white with brown or gray spots.

What are some of the colors of horses?

black white brown

What is a blaze for horses?

A blaze is a strip of white running down from the forehead, in between the eyes, and down to the nose.

What breed of cat is orange and white with one big orange spot on its belly and an orange face and m on it forehead?

the M on the forehead suggests that it is a Maine Coon --- The 'M' simply means it is a tabby, the natural coat pattern occurring on several breeds and mixed-breed cats. The colour of the cat does not suggest the breed, as many breeds can be orange and white and any mixed breed can be orange and white.

Are there horses in Ghana?

yes, but only wild horses. normally black, white, and brown.

What is the name of a small white mark on a horses nose?

That's probably a snip. If it is on their forehead, then it is a star. Nose, snip.

What color breeds do shire horses come in?

Shire horses are a breed of horse that are bred for doing work, such as pulling carriages or plows. The colors most common for shire horses are black and brown. Both colors often have a white strip on the top of their nose.

Was tonto the horses name?

Scout, a brown-and-white paint.

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