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Fiber Optic Broadband is the type of internet connection that travels at the speed of light.

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Q: What broadband internet connection travels at the speed of light?
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Which broadband internet provides the fastest connection by transmitting data at the speed of light?


Which broadband internet connection transmits data at the speed of light?

Fibre Optics, also called "Fibre" by most people transmits data at near the speed of light.

How to set up Wireless Broadband Internet?

Wireless broadband internet can drastically increase the speed of your internet connection. Broadband Internet refers to a large amount of information sent through your connection through a modem, cable, satellite signal or other method of transmission. The exact speed of broadband varies depending on the medium through which it travels, but the average broadband connection will give you between 250 and 800 kbps. Extremely fast broadband connections may achieve speeds of 1 mbps or higher. Broadband Setting up wireless broadband Internet in your home can be a little complicated if you aren’t used to working with computers, but even novice computer users should be able to follow these steps and have their own wireless broadband Internet set up in no time. First, you must select an ISP (or Internet service provider) that offers broadband service in your area. Most phone and cable companies have a broadband option, such as Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and more. Prices vary based on your area, provider, type of connection and service plan. Some services, such as cable, may not be offered in all areas. Research your options and choose the best plan for you. Once you have your connection set up, you must hook your Internet up to a wireless router. The router takes your wired connection and converts it into a wireless signal used by your Mac or PC. The most common way to do this is either through an ethernet or cable port. Simply connect the connection to your wireless router, plug in your power, and turn it on. There are different lights on your router, including those for Internet, Signal, etc. Each light lets you know that specific interface is working correctly. For more information, refer to the documentation that came with your wireless router. Now you must configure the wireless signal to work with your Mac or PC. This varies based off of which operating system and which particular version of that system you use. Go to your internet connection settings, select your wireless signal and add a password, if needed. Encrypting your signal with a password is always a good idea as it keeps people from stealing your connection.

What travels at the speed of light and caries information?

the Internet

What information you can get from the flashing activity of light on NIC card?

i got the information about the internet connection. hoe to internet connection works in my computer and hoe to provide internet services

Is satellite the highest speed Internet connection?

AnswerThis is a very good question because the answer is unexpected. Satellites are often seen as high tech or fast. Many devices such as gps devices and some television is delivered via satellite. However, a satellite internet connection is the slowest and most expensive internet on the market. The slow speed is caused because satellites are used by many devices at any one time. They also are miles above the earth. Therefore, signals experience a lot of interference going to and from the satellite. The high price is cause by the fact that satellites in general are expensive to own. The fastest internet connection is a high speed fiberoptic broadband connection. That just means your connected to the internet by wires in the ground (and the date in those wires travels at the speed of light). This sounds very fast but its not fast when you realize everyone in your neighborhood who has the same internet provider is using that same connection.

What motion does light travel in?

I have the straight answer from the Internet and my science teacher that light travels in the motion of waves.

Light energy travels in?

Light travels in waves.

Light travels faster in?

light travels faster in vacuum.

Explanation on how fast light travels?

light travels very fast! it travels in the form of waves.

If your router broadband line light is flashing amber does this mean the line is not yet ready for broadband?

You need to check what the 'broadband light' means. If it means synchronisation then it means that the ADSL (asuming its adsl) signal is not getting to the router. This could be that its not live yet, theres a problem with the line, theres a problem with the filter or wiring etc. If the 'broadband light' is the connection / ppp light then it could be that the username or password are incorrect. I would advise calling your ISP's tech support or having a look in the manual. I use for my ADSL and they sent one of their engineers out the same day.

Which travels sound or light?

Both light and sound travel. Light travels the fastest.

What is the material through which light travels?

what is the material through which light travels

Light travels in a material with greater .......?

Light travels in transparent materials.

In which state of matter does the light travels faster?

light travels the fastest in gas

What kind of light travels in a straight line?

All light travels as a wave

Which travels fastest sound water air light?

Light travels faster.

What travels slower sound or light?

Sound travels slower than light.

Which travels fastest sound air light or water?

Light travels faster.

What is the speed at at which light travels?

Light travels at 186,000 miles per second.

What travels on a wave?

Light travels by waves. Sound travels by waves.

Why is it important to explain the speed of light together with the medium in which the light travels?

The speed of light is dependent on the medium it travels through. Light travels fastest in a vacuum than in water or air.

How do you figure light years?

A light year is the distance light travels in one year. Light travels at 299792.458 km/s.

Is a light year the speed that light travels in one year?

a light-year is the distance that light travels in a vacuum in one year..

How do you explain that light travels in straight line?

you say light travels in a straight line