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Weight training will build more muscle in a shorter time frame.

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Q: What builds more muscles in the shortest period of time - aerobic exercise or weight training?
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What types of muscle ceiba does the aerobic training work?

Aerobic training work with cardio or chest muscles

What helps people lose more weight aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise. Anerobic just builds uo your muscles.

Why is cardiovascular an important component in swimming?

Cardiovascular training, or aerobic training, is a type of exercise designed to increase muscular endurance by improving the performance of the heart and lungs to distribute oxygen to the muscles.

What does aerobic exercise do to your muscles?

Aerobic exercise means your muscles are getting exercised at a rate where the muscles are not being depleted of oxygen faster than the blood, from the heart and lungs, can supply it. This allows the muscles to work at maximum efficiency. Aerobic exercise will not reduce the strength, size or endurance of muscles, but it will not help increase them. To work on increasing those, exercise needs to be anaerobic/resistive: high load for short periods. It is best to combine resistive and aerobic exercise to achieve all round strength and fitness.

What is steady exercise in which the heart can supply all the oxygen the muscles need?

Aerobic exercise

What kind of exercise creates an oxygen deficit?

Aerobic exercise requires oxygen, anaerobic exercise does not. Aerobic exercises include walking, running, swimming, and jumping rope.

What are the long term effects of aerobic exercise on the muscular system?

Aerobic exercise positively affect your muscular system. The more you incorporate aerobic exercise, the more you tone your muscles, helping them become lean.

How long does it take to get oxygen to the muscles?

This is called aerobic exercise. All aerobic activity requires oxygen.

What type of exercise that gets the heart pumping and the muscles using oxygen?

That is called aerobic exercise.

Should you complete aerobic exercise before or after a strength training workout?

The advantage of aerobic exercise after strength training is that the increased blood flow throughout the body removes lactic acid and metabolic waste from the muscle and provides the muscles with nutrients. Moreover, you will be warming up the muscles for a more effective session of stretching at the end of your workout. You were planning to do a full body stretch, right? Stretching is important to developing full range of motion for the joints and muscles.

Which are you more likely to get cramps anaerobic or aerobic?

You are more likely to get cramps during anaerobic exercise than during aerobic exercise. This is because your muscles are lacking oxygen.

Aerobic Versus Strength Training: Which Should Come First in Exercise Routines?

Most fitness experts agree that well-balanced exercise routines contain both aerobic exercise and strength training. The question which is often asked is which should be completed first? This depends greatly on the individual and their desired outcome from the routines, since whatever is done at the beginning will receive the most energy and focus. If large muscles is what is wanted, strength training would come first. If a healthier cardiovascular system is the main focus, aerobic exercise would come first. Either way, the exercise routines will complement each other.