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Q: What business makes cotton candy?
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How does cotton candy change your lives now?

Cotton Candy soothes and hypers and makes my life happy

From what company does Disneyland get its cotton candy?

From correspondence with a representative of Disneyland Resort, the cotton candy sold at the park is made on sight, behind the scenes. Disney makes their own cotton candy.

How does elevation affect crops farmars grow?

it makes it rain cotton candy and the cotton candy gets all over the crops and then unicorns come and eat the cotton candy and parts of the crop

What makes cotton candy dissolve?


Who makes a small cotton candy machine that kids can use at home?

Rose Art makes a small cotton candy machine that looks almost like a toy! It is easy to use and makes real cotton candy for your children to enjoy. You can look here for more information

Is there such thing as cotton candy pudding?

Yes there is. Jell-o currently makes cotton candy pudding, available in a 4 pack.

Good names for a cotton candy business?

Fluff stuff

Why is cotton candy important in helping the world?

It makes everything sweeter :)

What was the effect of cotton candy?

cotton candy usually makes u hyper if dats wot u mean the Q dont really make sense darlin xx

Why is cotton candy called cotton candy?

because it looks like cotton & its candy

What is a list of ingredients in cotton candy?

Cotton Candy and sugar

What was cotton candy called other than cotton candy?

candy floss

Why was cotton candy invented?

why was cotton candy invented?

Is it possible to make pepper into cotton candy?

No, not unless a manufacturer of Cotton Candy made a special batch of pepper cotton candy sugar for you.

Can you use hard candy in a cotton candy maker?

for cotton candy u need powdered candy

How do you get cotton candy on clubpenguin?

to get the cotton candy you have to get a clubpenguin toy and you unlock to a type of clubpenguin treasure book and if you want the cotton candy you can get it

Candy that start with c?

Candy corn, Clark Bar, Charms assorted squares and cotton candy are candy. They begin with the letter c.

Does cotton candy have cotton in it?

no its just candy and food coloring

How tall is Candy Cotton?

Candy Cotton is 5' 6".

What year did cotton candy get its present name of cotton candy?


What was cotton candy first called?

candy floss/cotton floss

What year was the cotton candy made?

the cotton candy was made in 1857

Is cotton candy the same as candy floss?

Sort of. Not nessecarilly because candy floss is slightly thicker than cotton candy.

How do you make cotton candy ice cream?

you should add the sugar of the cotton candy into your orignal recipe, or you can add the cotton candy extract, its Gonna be AMAZING*-*!

What sugar is used in cotton candy?

Any household fine grained sugar can be used in a cotton candy maker, toy or professional, to create cotton candy.