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What businesses have the highest profit margin?


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March 20, 2018 11:07AM

If you wanna start a business with the highest profit margin, I think the "No Pen Mural " should be a great choice for you. It's a global pioneer product and it was just released to the market a few months ago . I think it definitely the new trend of home decoration. With it , people don't need to have any painting skills but can decorate their home by drawing a full-wall art painting in 2 hours. Even the kids can do it alone . My friend Peter is a distributor of this amazing product in the US . It is so welcomed by people there ,especially among the kids . You can imagine that what a pride it is when the kid show their works to their classmates and friends. Now he has owned a sales team of over $30k monthly .

I've heard that the only manufacturer of the No Pen Mural is looking for international distributors and exclusive agents all over the world. There is no franchise fee or agency fee required . You can be their distributor by investing only $2k for the first product purchase. I think you should get to know it by yourself and you can also apply an sample to do a market investigation before you make your decision.