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I agree that calling oneself "pro-anorexic" is disgusting and demeaning to those who suffer from anorexia. If you even knew what it was like to have any eating disorder, whether it be anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder, you would quickly realize how hurtful it is to hear someone say they are in favor of that disorder.

At the same time, there probably IS something psychologically wrong with you if you are going around for advice on how to be pro-anorexic. If your mind really is in a state where you are so desperate to lose weight that you are willing to lose your close relations with your family and friends, put yourself in a very physically dangerous state, be chronically tired/crabby/weak/depressed/lonely/etc., cry all the time, and hate yourself, then GET HELP. Or just ask how many calories it takes to lose weight dangerously fast. But please don't use that god-awful term- "pro-anorexic." That is like saying "pro-schizophrenia," which is not okay.

AnswerAs a recovering anorexic,i can honestly say, there is NO such thing as this so called 'pro-anorexia' Anorexia is a PHYSCOLOGICAL disease, someone who claims they are pro anorexic is really a wanna be & does not have this disease at all actually! People who are really anorexic will never admit this!Unless they are recovering ,which makes them not pro anorexia. Wanting to be thin & anorexia are 2 totally different things. People who are anorexic don't discus or ask,they do their own research & then do it! Because anorexia is really a disease in the mind, your mind tells you what to do,not others. People giving you advice on what low cals they take are not anorexic, just mostly wanna be 's! You CAN NOT make yourself something, if you are anorexic it is because you have a physcological disease that guides you what to do, many people I've noticed claim they are but in reality they just want to have this awfull disease & i have no clue why! If you limit your calorie intake & overexercise that doesnt mean you are anorexic, though anorexics do this, its really a mental issue rather then just wanting to loose weight.Most real anorexics have been sexually abused,or some sort of abuse in their lives when they were young! If you want to lose weight,then that's one thing, anorexia is totally another, and as for weight loss protein always works! As long as there is NO junk food or only once in awhile then you shouldn't be worried about your calories. Anorexics worry about their calories because it is a physcological thing, if you were anorexic you would know what I'm talking about. its not a choice,but an awfull lonely disease! Answeras an anorexic, i aim to eat around 400 calories, the best i have ever done is around 150 calories. look, i know lots of people look at us anorexics like we're sick and stupid, i know, i use to have that point of view, but all we want is to be left alone. please.

--i hope the ones who love you "leave you alone" when they think it's safe for you to be left alone. as in when you shut up and go to rehab. -- a recovered con-anorexic

AnswerIt would be irresponsible to answer questions like this. It sounds like you're getting involved in some dangerous eating habits. There are far more healthy ways to stay fit.

why would anyone want to live like this? its ruined years of my life and i cant get out of it! its not something you learn how to be or some stupid celebrity diet its a mental illness and i thnk its disgraceful when i see people asking for tips, its mocking people with real issues.

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2011-09-13 22:01:31
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Q: What calorie range does a pro anorexic try and aim for to lose weight?
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What does anorexic people do?

Typically, to be classified as an anorexic, an individual exhibits signs of limitings or restricting food / calorie intake while increasing exercise to burn calories. This is all in an attempt to lose weight, often even as the individual is of a normal or below-average weight already.

If you are anorexic and throw up how much weight do you lose monthly?

You will lose a lot of weight..when you die and your body is corroded

Will lean cuisine dinners cause weight loss?

They do not MAKE you lose weight. But substituting low-calorie meals for high-calorie ones can help you lose weight.

Do anorexic people lose weight quickly?

Varies from person to person.

Are The Veronicas anorexia?

the veronicas are not anorexic. they are just naturally thin although they did lose some weight in 2008. they are not anorexic though.

How much weight could an anorexic lose in a week?

it depends on several factors such as the severity of the anorexia. an anorexic could lose as much as 10 kilograms (22lbs) in a week.

How can teens lose weight without becoming anorexic?

Healthy diet & exercise

What happen when calorie intake less than calorie need?

You will lose energy and weight. . . and you will be hungry

How long does it take an anorexic to lose weight?

Anorexia is not a "diet" It's a mental disorder.

How many calories to lose 20 lbs?

The general calorie range for weight loss is 1,200-1,500 calories per day. However, it can vary a lot depending on your current height and weight, how fast you want to lose weight, your activity level, etc. Try an online calorie calculator or ask a doctor for better info.

How do you you lose weight anorexia?

Anorexic people eat less and exercise more, leading to a rapid weight loss.

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