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After the Articles of Confederation failed, the Constitution was introduced to the United States, who were not very united at the time.


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who cam up with the articles of confederation

the articles of confederation came into existence in 1781-1789.

The articles of confederation did. This created a very weak, decentralized government. It was not until a little while later that the constitution came into being

The Article of confederation came AFTER the revolution and was replaced by the constitution.

No. The Articles of Confederation came before.

the articles of confederation and Virginia plan

what is under articles of confederation

The Articles of Confederation consists of 13 articles. The articles establish the confederation, the confederate congress and voting powers, and allows Canada to be admitted to the confederation.


the articles of confederation was weak

The constitution was the solution to the articles of confederation

Congress approved the Articles of Confederation in 1777, the Continental Congress approved the final draft of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.

Yes , it would've been possible to amend the articles of confederation. In fact, at the Constitutional Convention of May 1787 in Philadelphia, they did exactly that; state leaders and representatives of states came together and revised the Articles of Confederation.

Weak describes the Articles of Confederation.

The Articles of confederation approves in 1781. (^_~) ♥

Articles of ConfederationArticles of Confederation

the articles of confederation were finally approved when?

The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.

what is the document that replaced the articles of confederation

The greatest weakness of the Articles of Confederation was the lack of central government. Some states even went to war with each other before the constitution came into effect.

they came from the native americas,specifically the iriquois (sp?) that were here before us. The writers of the articles of confederations tweaked them a bit then adopted them as our own. they also came from King George in the sense that the founders of the articles of confederation hated his rules so much that they did the complete opposite. : )

the articles of confederation (the constitutional convention came later)

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