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What can a boy do if a girl knows that he loves her?

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ask her if she feels the same way........<3

Answer: it depends, if your stuck in that "friend zone' it's gonna take awhile for you to get her to see you as more than a friend. But you'll never know until you ask. :)

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What should you do if you love girl and she knows that you love her but she loves another boy?

find another girl!

What is another word for knock?

No one knows exept if their is a boring boy or girl which loves school she/he will know.

Is Je t'aime for girl or boy?

Je t'aime is not gender-specific, but it is number specific, i.e. one person loves one person, but it can be: (1) one boy loves one girl, (2) one boy loves one boy, (3) one girl loves one boy, or (4) one girl loves one girl.

What does a boy do when he loves a girl?

A boy will constantly look at a girl if he has a crush on her.

If you love a boy and he loves you too but he goes out with another girl what do you do and he knows you love him too?

you move on or you tell him you love him and come out

If a girl follow a boy what does it mean?

she loves the boy

How a girl knows he loves her?

I think a girl knows he loves her when she actually hears it!! But seriously: When she gets the picture that he respects her - saying 'love' is no real indication.

How do you ask a girl if she loves a boy?

"Hello _______ do you love a boy?"

Miley who knows what a mystery boy or girl?


Can a girl tell a boy that she loves him?

Sure, why not?

Why boy kiss the girl?

He loves her, or is a player.

What does it mean if a boy tells a girl he loves her?

It means that the boy wants the girl to be his boyfriend or marry him.

Do boys tell girls that they love them or do girls tell boys?

It can be either way, a girl can tell a boy that she loves him or a boy can tell a girl that he loves her.

What are the ratings and certificates for Girl Loves Boy - 1937?

Girl Loves Boy - 1937 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved (certificate #3104)

Is blue a boy or girl?

Every body knows it is a boy.

How do find out if a girl loves a boy?

If she always looks at the boy, and is shy towards the boy.

If another girl loves another boy what do you do?

If another girl loves another boy you can encourage them to speak. This well help them get to know each other better.

What is the meaning if a girl is always looking at boy?

Probably the Girl has a connection with the boy or what everyone thinks she loves him

Is tweety from looney tunes a boy or a girl?

tweety is not a girl he is a boy everybody knows that they use he so he is a boy.

The boy you hate loves the girl you love what do you do?

Be persistent.

What is the meaning if a boy trusts a girl?

That he truly loves her.

How do you find that a girl loves a boy?

by behaviour and attitude.......

Is it going to be a boy or a girl on Good Luck Charlie?

Nobody knows but I think it's a boy, because it's a pattern of boy girl boy girl.

If a girl loves a boy what would she do?

put out on the first date so he loves her too

What does a girl do when the boy she loves suddenly knows she likes him?

If she's mature enough to have a boyfriend, then she shouldn't need to ask. If she's not, she'll probably die of embarrassment.