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Usually talking to a school counselor or psychologist or someone who doesn't know the mother would seem like the best route. These people should be more objective and able to make a better assesment of what's actually going on. Always remember not to take it personally! Even though it hurts that your mom denied abusing you it was probably just a way to protect herself from the shame of everyone knowing that she abused you.Try talking to people that dont know of this incident like a friend that lives far away or a distant family member that has experienced abuse too.This people would most likely believe you and know that you would never makeup or lie about this.Their words of wisedom would propably be most accurate and you will be glad of their support.

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Q: What can a minor do if their mother lies to authorities about mentally abusing her child and people believe her?
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Who are the suspects of abusing?

me the mother most of all, but i feel like my son is being mentally persuaded also

Can a father bond with his son by verbally and emotionally abusing the mother of the son?

Although it's mentally unhealthy for everyone involved, the answer is yes. If the son and father share a mutual disgust for the mother they can bond in this fashion.

What year did David Pelzer's mother started abusing him?


Can a mother abandon her child with her husband if her husband isn't the child's biological father?

No. A mother cannot abandon her child without facing penalties if the abandonment is reported to the authorities.No. A mother cannot abandon her child without facing penalties if the abandonment is reported to the authorities.No. A mother cannot abandon her child without facing penalties if the abandonment is reported to the authorities.No. A mother cannot abandon her child without facing penalties if the abandonment is reported to the authorities.

What happens at the end of The Lost Boy?

The mother goes to jail for abusing David.

How can I tell my uncle to stop abusing my mother and grandmother and move out?

teach him a lesson

If your mentally and occasionally physically abusive mother accuses you being posessed is she mentally ill or just too religious?


If your father is deceased and your mother is mentally unstable can you live with a non-blood relative at 15 in Missouri?

This relative would have to petition the court for custody/guardianship. Of course, they would have to prove to the court that the mother is mentally unstable/unfit. And, even if that is proven, it's not an automatic guarantee that the court would award custody/guardianship to the relative. The court does have the option of placing the minor under state care. If you are in an unsafe environment, then call the authorities!

What is the main problem in a child called it?

the mother abusing David and taking control of everything at home

Can father get temporary custody if you know the mother is abusing prescription drugs?

Maybe, see links below.

How do you know if your mother is mentally retarded?

You don't need to know. You just have to love her.

What if a mother drops her child off with a friend and does not come back?

Report it to the authorities.

Why did Dave pelzers mother abuse him?

David Pelzer, author of â??A Child Called Itâ?? was victimized by a sadistic and mentally ill mother. She treated the dehumanization and abuse of this little boy as a game. Fortunately, authorities stepped in and the child was removed from the home before the abuse escalated into murder. He went on to write several books about the abuse and his journey of healing after his ordeal.

How do you prove a mother is mentally ill?

The only way to prove to others that anyone is mentally ill is to have that person examined by qualified medical people. Sometimes they will confirm your belief that the person is mentally ill, but sometimes they will tell you that you are wrong.

What can you do if you are being mentally abused by your mother-in-law and you are living with her until you can afford to move out?


What are the effects of a mentally ill mother upon a young child?

some cwazy kids

Can a child live with her father because her mother verbally abuses her?

If you bring it to the authorities, yes.

Your mother is abusing your dying father what can you do?

Call the police. Get a restraining order. THAT SHOULD NOT be tolerated. It could lead to something worse.

How old was Dave pelzer when his abuse started?

Dave Pelzer was 5-6 years old when his mother started abusing him.

I am 13 years old and my mother is always abusing me verbally and physically. what can I do?

Call the police as soon as posible/ asap

If a mother threatens to kill her child if the husband will not live with them?

Inform authorities and remove the child from her care.

How can you tell if a mother is abusing her children?

If you seriously think that someone is abusing their kids, report it. But before you do, remember this is a pretty serious offense to accuse someone of. You can report this without giving your name, that would probably be the best way to go. Or at least not having your name released to anyone, but authorities. Victims of abuse - children and adult alike - develop a set of reactions, collectively known as "trauma". These reactions are described here:

Is it legal for a mother to slap her 11-year-old daughter?

Yes, this is only if you're not abusing your child daily.

How can you get help if your mother is abusing you?

Yes, tell a trusted adult. A teacher or counselor are good people to tell. By law they have to report it. Get help.

Who is hypatias mother?

I don't believe that the name of Hypatia's mother is known.