Acid Reflux

What can a person do to feel better if you have high blood pressure and acid reflux and have gained a lot of weight in the last nine months?

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February 09, 2007 10:23AM

Your doctor can help you with the high blood pressure. You can go onto Ask: What foods shouldn't I eat with high blood pressure. Go to Weight Watchers! It's an excellent program (have gone myself) and it's more about teaching you to eat healthy and not really classified as a diet. It tells you the portions to eat (most of us over-eat) and what foods to eat. Dairy, grains, poultry, fish, lots of veggies and fruits and cook with Olive oil, use Margarine (get Bacel ... tastes more like butter) and stay away from bad fats (which Weight Watchers will tell you about.) You can still go out with friends and eat or even socialize at home and feel that you aren't missing out on anything. Join a gym and get a trainer to work with you. That's what my husband and I are doing. He's got Atrial Fibrillation (a dysfunction nerve to the heart) and I can lose some weight myself. Eating well, drinking 8 - 8 ounce glasses of WATER a day (more if you are perspiring) and exercising will make you feel a whole lot better. If you can't afford a gym then go for fast walks (take it easy and work yourself up to your goal) or swim, jog, bike, etc. Go with a friend (always helps) of if you have a dog go walking with the dog. Just get moving! If you are a man you will lose the fat far quicker than a woman. If you are a woman the average weight loss is 1 - 3 lbs. for the first couple of weeks and then 1 1/2 lbs. - 2 lbs. after that. It may seem it will take forever, but it doesn't. If in doubt take a lb of butter and that's the fat you have lost. By eating grains and veggies and especially those leafy vegetables you will have better bowel movements (thus losing a lot of toxins in your body as well as weight) and the water also flushes out toxins and keeps your kidneys healthy. ACID REFLUX is caused by poor eating habits and you should stay away from any acidic foods such as oranges, orange juice, pop, too much coffee or tea and alcohol, limes, lemons, etc. Give your stomach a chance to heal. By being on the Weight Watcher's diet you will feel much better and get rid of that acid reflux. The doctor can also give you medications for this as well. Good luck! You can do it! Heck, I have to lose some weight, plus trying to quit smoking, so if I can do those two things then you can run circles around me! You won't regret it!