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type in Google [gundam ph filipino robot designer]

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Q: What can a recycled robot made from recycled materials do to help the environment?
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Any organic materials help the environment. They can be recycled if discarded they will biodegrade. Example, paper produces. Oil based produces such as plastics can be recycled, but never biodegrade. es s

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they recycled bottlesType your answer here...

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nothing???????ask help from your classmates

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There are many reasons why metals should be recycled. This will help in preservation of their source and protect the environment from frequent mining of elements that make metals.

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Building Outdoor Benches from Recycled Materials?

An outdoor bench can be a great decoration, creating a welcoming environment in an outdoor landscape. By building an outdoor bench with recycled materials, it's possible to help the environment while creating a great piece of furniture. Old railroad ties can make a great platform for a bench. Rail road ties are made from compressed wood, embedded with oil. Railroad ties don't degrade, and can be placed directly on the ground. Scrap metal or recycled wood can form a beautiful platform for a bench. Armrests on either side of a bench can be built from scrapwood or driftwood, depending on location.

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