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Have a malted milkshake every other day until you've gained 5 pounds. It won't take long.

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Q: What can a woman eat or do to gain about 5 pounds in one month?
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How can a 15 year old girl gain 10 pounds in a month?

Eat, eat, eat!

How do you gain 20 pounds in one month?

eat poo for a week

How can I gain at least 15 pounds in a month?

eat alot of pasta and sweets.

Gain 30 pounds in a month?

Gaining 30 Pounds in a month is easy , all you have to do is drink lot of beer and eat chicken biryani, and milk shakes and ice cream and three course meals everyday. You will gain 30pounds in no time

How do you gain ten pounds?

to gain ten pounds you can eat food with lots of calories or fats

How many calories should a sedentary woman eat to loose 10 pounds in a month?

A sedentary women needs about 1,600 calories.

How many pounds of food do we eat in a month?

We eat an average of 25 lbs. each month.

How many pounds a wk somebody gain if eat 3000 calories a day?

less than 1 pound a month. you shouldn't worry about about weight gain that comes with time with the right diet.

What the averadge candy consumptions in a month?

We eat about 24 pounds of candy a year. That comes out to be about 2 pounds a month.

How many pounds of food do horses eat per month?

most hoses eat about 600 pounds of food per month including the amount of grazing they do

How many pounds can you gain weight by eating watermelon?

300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 pounds if you eat a watermelon

How much fat do you have to eat to gain one pound?

1 pound of fat will make you gain 1 pound. No matter what you eat you gain the wait of what you eat for that moment. You can eat .5 pounds of anything and gain more the .5 pounds. However over a day you can burn more. Other words you could eat 1 pound of fat and by tommarow only weigh .5 pounds more. It depends on your matablism and exersice/activity

How to gain 5 pounds of fat?

eat more,exercise less.

How much food does a flamingo eat in a month?

on avg. it eats 69 pounds of food in a month

When do you start to gain weight?

You start to gain weight in your second month of pregnancy. Some women do not gain weight until their fourth month in pregnancy. You should always eat healthy when you are pregnant.

How many pounds will you lose in a month if you wigh 177 pounds?

You will lose 0 pounds unless you exercise and eat healthy.

I am a 15 year old girl and I want to get as fat as I can before school starts how much weight will I gain if I eat a dozen donuts everyday in addition to what I normally eat?

you can gain anywhere from 25,30 or even 40 pounds!!!!!!! but it depends on what your eating habbits are!!!!!!!!!! Well I would love to gain at least 30 pounds, but I only have a little over a month until school starts and I don't know if it is possible to gain that much that fast but I sure am gonna try!!

How many pounds will you lose if you don't eat for 5 days?

It depends on if you exersise or not and lose or gain more pounds.

Why do I gain 2-3 pounds in 1 day?

eat carbs!

How can you gain ten pounds in two weeks?

all you have to do is eat as much as you possibly can.

How do you gain 10 pounds?

go it at a fast restaurant everyday like burger king or McDonald's eat a triple whopper every day until you gain 10 pounds

How many pounds of pickles does the average person eat each month?

well it depends on the person. not alot of people eat pickles.... it might be like 1 or 2 pickles a month i don't think pounds

How many pounds can you gain if you eat pizza and 2 bag of chips and coke?

Depends. There are 2,600 calories in each pound, and your body is constantly burning calories. So if you eat enough you can gain probably 1-2 pounds.

How many calories should a woman 215 pounds eat?


How many pounds of food does a chimpanzee eat per day?

Chimpanzees gain about 6 1/2 pounds a day!