What can be done about dizziness caused by clogged ear?

First off, I would suggest you consult the opinion of a medical professional, particularly if there is any swelling or pain associated with your condition. Vertigo, or the sensation of dizziness, can often be caused by an imbalance of pressure in the inner ear or by the presence of fluid in the inner ear. You mentioned your ear is "clogged" - is it clogged by fluid or by physical obstruction - is your ear swollen? If there is fluid in your ear, I have often found that putting a small amount of rubbing alcohol in your ear will help to evaporate the liquid. The sterilizing and germ killing properties of the rubbing alcohol will also help if you have a low level infection. Try using a dropper or cotton swab to drop or rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol in or on the affected area. NOTE: Always use extreme caution when putting anything in your ear.