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Get a good sound recording system and play those sounds back to him at a time when he's least likely to appreciate them.

show the recording to his wife if he is having sex with somebodyelse

2012-05-09 17:51:33
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Why when you flush one toilet upstairs does the toilet downstairs make water noises?

Because they are, in effect, connected

Who complained about noises in the night in the story The Tell-Tale Heart?

An unnamed neighbor complained about noises in the night in the story The Tell-Tale Heart.

Is there a law that limits the noise emitted from a paintball field in Pennsylvania?

Your local zoning ordinance may have limitations on noises that are defined as creating a public nuisance. Even without an ordinance, you cannot operate any business that creates a public nuisance if there are people nearby who want to stop it. It is a question of whether the abutters want to sue or have the town/county take action by itself.

Is there any legal action I can take to prohibit my neighbors from playing the drums at 7 am?

Check your local ordnances to see if there are any that cover 'nuisance noises' (i.e.-starting times in the AM - ending times in the PM - decibel noise levels - etc-etc.)

What noises do Amazonian animals make?

human noises

Can you use your dirt bike on your own property because you got a letter from neighbors saying that they don't want you to?

If you cause loud noises or affect water runoff and erosion that affects their property, you are causing a public nuisance and they certainly can object and even sue you for damages.

What noises does an ape make?

Apeas make a variety of noises as part of their communications. Different species make different noises. Humans are apes - we make all sort of noises.

What noises do goanna make?

they make harsh hissing noises.

When was Room Noises created?

Room Noises was created in 2004.

How do you use word noises in a sentence?

The noises came from the old cellar door. They looked around to find where the noises originated.

Why do dolphins make squeaky noises and where do the noises come from?

They make the noises from having kinky bum shex and their noses come from your mum.

What noises do gorrilas make?

Gorillas Make Monkey Noises But With A Lower Voice. Gorillas Make Monkey Noises But With A Lower Voice.

How many noises do dolphins make?

dolphins make lots of diffrent noises cause they communicate.if they communicate, they make diffrent noises.

Do jellyfish make noises?

Jellyfish do not make any noises that come from their body. The noises that they make come from moving throughout the water.

What is a kind of bird a lot of people do not like?

Starlings are a nuisance. They came here from Europe. They eat, breed and make lots of noises. There are so many, they are pests!I would say crows. Where I currently live and all the places I have visited not one person I have met liked crows.

How do you make noises with a crystal glasses?

you can make noises by tapping them together

Are noises the end of the world?

Noises won't be the end of the world, Christ will.

What disagreeable noises you here in the city?

Noises from vehicles and establishments nearby.

Are cats afraid of loud noises?

yes they are afraid of loud noises

What is the duration of Little Noises?

The duration of Little Noises is 1.83 hours.

What is the duration of Noisy Noises?

The duration of Noisy Noises is 1200.0 seconds.

Do dogs like high pitched noises?

No they have an aversion to high pitched noises.

Do lobsters die from loud noises?

No, lobsters do not die from noises, loud or otherwise.

What rhymes with noises?

There is really no words I know that rhymes wit noises, but here are 2 other words that sound a bit noises - choices and voices.

Do teachers ignore certain noises?

Teachers are very good at detecting and dealing with noises in the classroom. They will usually ignore all noises outside the classroom.