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What can be done after the alleged father of a child paying support finds out his fraternal twin could be the father?


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2005-04-24 04:53:35
2005-04-24 04:53:35

He can request that his twin take a paternity test. If he refuses, he can always petition the court for one to be ordered. Fraternal twins do not have identical DNA, so a paternity test, would be accurate. IMO, the welfare of the child should be considered above everything else. Actually this is rather tricky. It depends in what state you live in. In many states you only have 1-3 years to challenge paternity. And in certain states living with the women or being married establishes paternity as much as signing the birth certificate. OH has started cracking down on paternity fraud. According to my understanding there is no time frame and the man can have his child support stopped but still maintain visitation so as not to affect the child if the courts see there is an established bond. I think he should buy a cheaper at home DNA test and go from there. The courts will request a blood DNA test if it gets that far.


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The father has to have the court's consent to cease paying child support.

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Under UK Child Support law, if he has paid through the CSA then he would get a full refund. If he has paid under a voluntary agreement then he would have to make a claim in a county court.

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It depends. Assuming the courts have ordered child support, then not paying child support violates that order and the father can be arrested.

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