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What can be done if a bank cancels an arranged payment on a car loan?


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2004-07-02 04:48:39
2004-07-02 04:48:39

I don't understand the question. Can you give me more details? Jim Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at


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'Bank reconcilation statement' means veryfying / realising every transactions done with bank. It may be related with payment made or credit received or particular interest charged or received.

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''Doing a payment'' is to express completing a payment. '' payment is done '' means it has been completed.

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I dont think arranged marriages are done by a particular religion its done in some cultures. Western culture people prefer love marriage while in asian/indian culture generally arranged marriage is done..

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Being late on a loan installment can have consequences. The consequences can be minimized by proactively writing the bank manager and letting him know about the delay in payment. This can be done by including all identifying information and the explanation for late payment with the promise of when payment will be made. Include contact information for follow up as needed.

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