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I don't understand the question. Can you give me more details? Jim Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at

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Q: What can be done if a bank cancels an arranged payment on a car loan?
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If you haven't made a car payment in five years can the bank repo the car?

SureI am suprised they have not already done so.

Bank reconcilation statement?

'Bank reconcilation statement' means veryfying / realising every transactions done with bank. It may be related with payment made or credit received or particular interest charged or received.

Do a payment?

''Doing a payment'' is to express completing a payment. '' payment is done '' means it has been completed.

What religions have arranged marriages?

I dont think arranged marriages are done by a particular religion its done in some cultures. Western culture people prefer love marriage while in asian/indian culture generally arranged marriage is done..

How do you write letter to bank manager for loan installment late this month?

Being late on a loan installment can have consequences. The consequences can be minimized by proactively writing the bank manager and letting him know about the delay in payment. This can be done by including all identifying information and the explanation for late payment with the promise of when payment will be made. Include contact information for follow up as needed.

Can a bank of America credit card access my Bank of America checking account to pay a late payment?

No. It cannot be done by the bank. They can add the late payment fee & other charges to your credit card account but cannot automatically deduct amounts from your checking account - unless, you have given them standing instructions to debit monthly card payments automatically from your account.

How can internet payments be done without bank involvement?

You can not be paid through the internet without bank involvement. Paypal is the easiest way to be paid over the internet. Most websites support a payment through Paypal.

Five people are to be arranged in a row to have their picture taken In how many ways can this be done?

Five people are to be arranged in a row to have their picture taken. In how many ways can this be done?

What is a debt service?

Debt service refers to payment of money owed to a bank or other institution. Debt service may be done all at once or in stages.

What is a Telegraphic Transfer payment?

Telegraphic transfers are bank to bank transfers, which are normally done through Internet Banking and you dont need to physically go to the bank to make the transactions. This cuts down time, money and resources if you make international payments very often.

What is the difference between restricted LC and confirmed LC?

A confirmed letter of credit is one where the exporter's bank asks for additional guarantee from another bank of its choice that if the buyer's bank is unable to honour it's obligations then the confirming bank will make the payment on the behalf of the buyer's bank. Here, the confirming bank may be in the same country as the exporter or a well reputed international bank.A restricted letter of credit is one in which the negotiation can only be done by the bank which is chosen by the bank issuing the LC. Authorization from the issuing bank to pay the beneficiary is restricted to a specific nominated bank. Meaning is that negotiating bank is only the bank which is nominated and no other bank is authorized to do the valuation of the LC other than the nominated bank. Thus, whereas the confirmed LC is one which requires authentication of payment of negotiated value(value arrived at by the negotiating bank) by the confirming bank( the respective trade documents along with the LC will pass from negotiating bank to confirming bank so that it can take note of the quantum of guarantee), the restricted LC only requires the valuation to be done by a specifically nominated negotiating bank. Here, in case of restricted LC, there is no guarantee involved from another bank as such to the exporter's bank that payment will be made. That guarantee can be there only when the LC is confirmed.Also, restricted LC is mainly focused on valuation of the LC, whereas confirmed LC is focused on additional payment guarantee from a bank of repute.I guess that should be the difference

Do I need a certification before I add electronic payment processing to my business?

You normally don't need a certification to add electronic payment processing. Most of it is just done throught the bank and you can have a back up incase you did not make enough money for payroll.

What is the difference between payment for work done and an honorarium?

What is difference between payment for honorarium

What is journal entry in cash book for goods purchased on credits and when payment is done?

debit purchasescredit accounts payabledebit accounts payablecredit cash / bank

What does it mean if something is automated?

If something is automated, it means it is a task that is done without one having to do much to get the task done. An example would be, preauthorized payments from your bank account. If it is automated, then a payment would come from your bank every month without you having to do anything other than the initial set up.

How do residential contractors get paid?

Depending on the subcontractor, a written proposal for the work is accepted, and once done, an invoice is sent for payment. The contractor typically has a construction loan that these bills are paid from. The bank will inspect the work to be sure it meets specs and permits and then release the money for payment.

What is buyer's credit?

A financial arrangement in which a bank or financial institution, or an export credit agency in the exporting country, extends a loan directly to a foreign buyer or to a bank in the importing country to pay for the purchase of goods and services from the exporting country. Also known as financial credit. This term does not refer to credit extended directly from the buyer to the seller (for example, through advance payment for goods and services). The Practicla example is that foreign Bank makes payment to exporter based on either Letter of Undertaking from the Importer bank or based on their risk on Importer. Letter of Undertaking is simply confirmation by a bank here in importer country to pay to exporter bank thus exporter bank risk get reduced. The Letter of undertaking is issued by Importer bank on the basis of risk on Importer. Simply , Importer Bank takes risk on Importer , This bank sends LOU to exporter bank which in turn takes risk on Imprter bank and makes payment. On fimal day Importer bank recover money from importer and makes payment to exporter bank. This all exercise is done to exploit existance of interest rate arbitrage.

What is the difference between a tax foreclosure auction and a bank foreclosure auction?

One is done by the IRS, and the other is done by your bank.

Can you make a discover card payment at Kmart?

I doubt it. Usually, credit cards can be used almost anywhere to make purchases - however - paying money back to the card account is normally done at a bank.

What is the difference between Cash against Documents and Letter Of Credit?

In the case of foreign trade, payment is always done through banks. The supplier assigns a bank and the customer assigns a bank. The deal happens between these two banks only. Cash Against Document (CAD): The supplier produces the documentation through its bank to the clients bank, then the client's bank hand overs the documents to its client against receiving payment. After that, the client's bank transfers the money to supplier's bank. Letter of Credit (LC): The supplier produces the documentation through its bank to the client's bank. The client's bank directly pays against the document's submission, so the risk is on client's bank. Hence, the trust worthiness factor increases, as the client's bank guarantees the payment against documentation. It is always preferable when both parties lack trust and want more security. The basic difference is in CAD the client pays the money to its bank and the bank sends it to the supplier's bank. With LC, the client's bank pays the money without failing against documentation, so in LC the supplier is more assured of getting the money.

Define bank reconcilation statement?

verifying all the transactions done with the bank

What does mbs adj on a bank statement mean?

On a bank statement, MBS ADJ stands for manual bank statement, adjustment. This is done when the electronic bank statement is not working and the adjustment is being done manually.

Who arranged crystal blue persuasion by Jill jenson?

The arrangement was done by Tim Cashion.

How do people refinance there home loans?

My parents have had to refinance due to the monthly payments being unreasonable for the income. Refinancing is done through the bank. They come out and evaluate how much the house is worth and suggest options on payment.

How is prepared Bank reconcilation statement?

Ending bank account balance per bank statement - add deposits made before and upto the date of the ending balance on the bank statement that are not on the bank statement - subtract checks and other expenses (debit cards, etc) made before and upto the date of the ending balance on the bank statement that are not on the bank statement - the end result is the reconciled bank account balance. 'Bank reconcilation statement' means veryfying / realising every transactions done with bank. It may be related with payment made or credit received or particular interest charged or received.