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I had this problem some time ago. If I remember correctly, I removed the plastic panel beside the driver's seat to access the mechanism that controls the light. Again, if I remember this correctly, I simply cleaned the "contacts" in this part. I did not purchase any parts. .

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Q: What can be done to fix a flashing a seatbelt light on a 1998 Chevy Prizm?
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How do you fix the driver's side seatbelt light from flashing even when the seatbelt is fastened on a 1999 Toyota sienna?

My parents have this problem on their 99 Sienna. They got an estimate of an outrageous amount to fix the problem, because it involved disassembling the dash to reach the control for the seatbelt indicator, plus replacing a sensor. They've decided it's not worth it and have learned to ignore the annoying flashing light. Sorry.

Can you drive your truck 2003 Chevy Silverado with the check engine light on?

Yes but, if the light is flashing no.

Where is the receiver for the seat belt light on a 2000 sienna?

There are two possibilities for the 'receiver' if you are getting a flashing seatbelt light. First, there are wires under the seat that detect when someone is sitting on the seat and then there is a sensor in the seatbelt receiver piece (the part with the release button where you click it to open the seatbelt) that senses when the seatbelt is correctly closed. The most likely problem is that your sensor in the seatbelt receiver is simply worn out.

How do you replace a third brake light in a 2001 Chevy Prizm?

it is in the trunk you just turn and pull the light out of the socket and the light bulb is a 194 i do believe

Why does the fuse to my tail light and dash keep blowing in my Chevy Prizm?

Short in the wiring, or the circuit is overloaded.

Why is Chevy Lumina low coolant light flashing?

coolant sensor replacement need it

Flashing Low coolant light on a 1998 Chevy voyerger i had the radiator flushed and filled and light is still on.?

change your thermostat.

Repair brakes on a Chevrolet y caviler?

I have a 1994 Chevy Cavalier and the ABS light is flashing

Have a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo and low coolant light is flashing?

Check your coolant level...

Why does your my Volvo 240 seatbelt light not work?

you are wearing the seatbelt.

Where could I find a tail light lens for a 1999 Chevy Prizm?

Dealer? Auto Zone? Salvage yard? E-Bay?

How do you fix dash lights in2003 Chevy Prizm?

Be sure the dash light dimmer switch is not turned off. Check the fuses.

Turn off seat belt warning 2009 camry?

You can turn off the 2009 Toyota Camry seatbelt warning light by engaging the seatbelt. You can also remove the seatbelt warning light fuse. Removing the seatbelt warning light fuse is not recommended.

How do I stop the seatbelt light from blinking on a 1991 Honda Accord?

By wearing the seatbelt.

How do you disable seatbelt light and alarm on a 2005 Toyota camery?

By wearing the seatbelt.

Why is the check engine light keeps flashing on 2006 Chevy Malibu?

There is an engine misfire, probably spark plugs issue.

Why check engine lights flash on 1997 Chevy astro van?

A flashing check engine light is an indication of a misfire.

Why does the emergency brake light stay on your 2003 Chevy prism even though the brake is not engaged?

That's easy... it's all in your mind, the last Chevy prizm model year was 2002

A flashing yellow light means?

A flashing yellow light in aviation terms is a runway guard light.

How long can you drive 1998 Chevy Tahoe after service engine light comes on for catalytic converetr?

If the light is not flashing you can drive it until you can have it repaired. If the check engine light is flashing, park it. Otherwise you will do catastrophic damage to the catalytic converter costing several hundreds of dollars to replace.

How do you shut off seatbelt light 2003 Nissan maxima?

Unless your seatbelt is on. aswell as other passengers, the seatbelt light will not turn off. It is a safety precaution and I highly doubt you can disarm it.

Turn off check engine light on 2000 Chevy Prizm?

I clear the check engine light with a Scangauge II. But most ODB-II devices can read and clear the code.

Why is the security light flashing on my 2002 Chevy truck?

If it is flashing when the truck is locked from the outside with the remote then it is because the alarm is activated (which happens when you press the lock button twice in most vehicles). Othewise there may be some other issue that you should have checked out by a Chevy dealer.

Where is the air conditioner relay on a 1991 Chevy 2500?

if your A/C light is flashing where you adjust temperature and its not blowing cold, try disconnecting the batter for a few minutes, and it will sometimes reset the programming for the air and stop it from flashing, and blow cold, it worked on my 1991 Chevy 2500

What does it mean when your check engine light starts flashing on a 97 Chevy blazer?

You have a severe misfire. See related questions below.