What can be done with old eyeglasses?

I take my to my optometrist who recycles them for patients who cannot afford the cost of prescription eye glasses. The Lions Club also has a similar program. Please see Related Links for more information on the Lions Club program and drop locations. ----------------------

You can also donate your eyeglasses to MADRE, an international women's rights organization. MADRE's Helping Hands Campaign is currently collecting eyeglasses, eyeglass cases and contact lenses to give to indigenous women and children living in rural, underserved areas of Kenya, Sudan and Nicaragua. Please help these women and their families gain access to eyewear that is necessary to maintaining good health.

You may mail your donation to or drop it off at:


Attn: Helping Hands Campaign

121 West 27th Street Suite 301

New York, NY 10001

We also pick up donations in Manhattan. Please call (212) 627-0444 to schedule a pick up. If you have any further questions about the campaign, please email helpinghands@madre.org.

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