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There are a few reasons why tampons may be hurting you:

  1. You're not relaxed enough during insertion.
  2. You're not inserting the tampon high enough.
  3. You're using too high an absorbency for your flow.
  4. You're allergic to something in the tampons you're using.
  5. The tampon is increasing your cramps.
  6. The tampon is expanding into your cervix.

If you continue having problems with tampons consider other options:

  • Pads (commercial, organic, or cotton).
  • Period underwear.
  • Interlabial pads.
  • Free flow.
  • Menstrual release.
  • Menstrual sponges.
  • Menstrual cups.
  • Diaphragms.
  • Softcups.
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it used to happen to me its from not inserting a tampon the right way

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Q: What can be the cause of abdominal pain experienced only while a tampon is inserted?
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Related questions

Will putting in a tampon incorrectly hurt your body?

No, there's really not many ways in which you can incorrectly insert a tampon. Your vagina is only so long so nowhere for the tampon to go, usually incorrect use just means the tampon isn't inserted far enough. It can cause you pain, as you move about or sit, but it wouldn't cause you problems.

If you have inserted a tampon when not menstruating is it a cause for concern?

Yes, you don't need to insert a tampon unless you are menstruating. If you are, you're putting yourself at risk for TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), which, from what I have heard and seen, not very pleasant.

If you put in our first tampon and it doesnt go in all the way is this a problem?

If the tampon isn't inserted correctly then it isn't going to work properly and can cause pain.Make sure the tampon is inserted all the way in, if it hurts to sit or as you move about then the tampon isn't in far enough. If you can't use tampons then just stick with pads and try tampons another time.

What causes pain while wearing a tampon?

Typically if you are having pain when you are wearing a tampon, then it is not inserted correctly. It may be a little bit crooked in the vagina, and hitting one of the vaginal walls. Tampons are designed so they are as comfortable as possible, though they are not always amazingly comfortable. You should feel the tampon when you first put it in, and then as it begins to absorb then you should begin to stop feeling it. It also may be from wearing one while not on your period. If you are wearing a tampon when you aren't on your period should it be for discharge blockage or whatever other reason, it can cause infections because it is not letting those toxins out. If something is trying to come out of your body, there is a reason.

Can a tampon cause blood clots?


Can you loose a tampon in you from swimming in a pool?

Going swimming won't cause the tampon to get lost in your body. The vagina is a dead end, and the tampon has nowhere to go.

Can you pee when you have a tampon in?

Yes..just don't pee on the string or it may cause the tampon to swell and come out.

Does using a tampon before starting your period make it start?

No, using tampons before your period will not cause it to start.When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycle, a domino effect of hormonal changes that cause ovulation and in turn menstruation. A tampon is a wad of material inserted into the vaginal canal, it doesn't even come in contact with reproductive organs let alone influence them or the hormones that control them. A tampon shouldn't be used when not menstruating, it's not safe.

Can you move your bowels if you have a tampon in?

Yes, you can make bowel movements when you're wearing a tampon.A tampon goes into your vaginal canal and your bowel movements leave your body via your anus, they are two different canals so a tampon in the vagina is unlikely to cause problems. Sometimes if a tampon is at an angle or expanded it can put a little pressure on the anus which can sometimes make bowel movements a little more difficult, but if it is a problem just remove the tampon.It is a good idea to make sure your tampon string (if using tampons with strings) are out of the way, otherwise you're going to get poop on the tampon string which is very unhygienic.

Can you feel a tampon of your in a certain position?

You may be able to feel tampons when inserted, over time this becomes less obvious as you become used to the sensation, tampons can also increase menstrual cramps. Tampons shouldn't cause pain, if it hurts it may be that your cervix is low so being hit by the tampon, if it hurts in certain positions it may be that the tampon isn't in far enough so vaginal walls in the lower portion of the vaginal canal (where it's narrower and more sensitive) are pushing against the tampon.

Can a bacterial STD cause abdominal pain?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause abdominal pain. A patient at risk for STDs who has abdominal pain should seek treatment urgently.

Can you loose the baby if you insert a tampon in your virgina?

You can't cause a miscarriage by putting a tampon in your vagina. You also can't cause one from a finger, sex toy, or penis in your vagina.

Can the IUD cause abdominal tightness?

The IUD will not cause abdominal tightness. The IUD is in the uterus, which is behind the pubic bone; it is not in the abdomen.

Does inserting a tampon hurt?

Inserting a tampon can hurt, but it shouldn't hurt. Pain is the bodies way of telling you something is wrong, if you start to feel pain when inserting a tampon then stop and address the cause of the pain.Most commonly pain is a result of tensing-up so relaxing is important, but also if inserted at the wrong angle or not inserted far enough it can hurt. You also have to make sure to use lowest absorbency for your flow, too high an absorbency will dry-out the vagina causing vaginal tears.

How do you put a tampon up the womans fagina?

First the woman needs to be in a comfortable position. If the tampon has an applicator just insert the tampon into the vagina and push the applicator up, if it is a tampon with out an applicator, simply just push up with the finger. If placed in correctly the tampon should not cause any discomfort.

Is it normal for the discharge on your tampon to be on left side?

If a tampon has blood on only one side, it is never a cause for concern. It has no medical meaning.

Can valley fever cause abdominal pain?

Valley fever can cause abdominal pain because it causes flu-like symptoms.

Does Pseudoephedrine cause abdominal pain?

yes, one of the side effects is abdominal pain

Will you bleed if you have a tampon stuck inside of you?

A tampon inside you won't cause bleeding, although it may cause odor. If you think you have a tampon stuck inside you, squat down, bear down, and put a finger inside your vagina. Do you feel a tampon? If not, there's probably not one in there. If you're still not convinced, see your health care provider or your local family planning office.

What happens if you put a tampon in and your not on your period?

Wearing a tampon when not on your period is unhealthy and unnecessary. The tampon is good place for bacteria to grow and may cause an infection that can enter the blood stream and kill you. Every tampon box warns about TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrom) which you can only get if you leave your tampon in for more than 8 hours

Does pneumonia cause abdominal pain?

Yes, pneumonia has been known to cause abdominal pain, especially when the pneumonia is located in the lower lobes of the lung.

Can flatulance cause abdominal pressure?


Can chlamydia cause abdominal pain?

Chlamydia can cause abdominal or pelvic pain as the disease progresses. This complication (pelvic inflammatory disease) needs prompt treatment.

Does yeast infection cause lower abdominal pain?

Yes, Candidiasis can cause abdominal pain. You should take an OTC painkiller like Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen.

Does it hurt to put in a tampon?

It can hurt to put in a tampon, but it shouldn't hurt - so if it hurts stop, and address the cause.Most commonly pain when inserting anything vaginally is due to lack of relaxation, when you're tense vaginal muscles tense causing vaginal walls to clench together so anything being inserted has to be forced so will cause pain. If using too high an absorbency for your flow tampons can hurt due to friction of the tampon against vaginal tissues. Also note if not inserted high enough it will hurt too.

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