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Egg SubstituteThe most common substitutes for eggs are:
  1. Milk
  2. Soy Milk
  3. Bananas
  4. Applesauce
  5. Egg Beaters

Additional advice from baker-contributors:

  • Just add 150 ml of milk for every egg; it works just the same and you can't even taste the difference.
  • 1 egg = 1 heaped tablespoon soya powder or 1/4 cup tofu.
  • 1 egg = 2 heaped tbsp potato starch or arrowroot powder.
  • 1 egg = 1 banana
  • The other answers are some very interesting substitutes indeed. Unfortunately, they will be entirely ineffective at replacing eggs in a cake recipe. As any good food science book will tell you, eggs are a wholly unique and miraculous food product that contribute many things to a recipe. They are particularly useful for their versatile proteins and their emulsifying abilities. You may be able to use an egg substitute (egg beaters, for instance) but do not attempt to use condensed milk or applesauce as a substitute. Your recipe will be doomed.
  • There is an egg substitute at your large local grocery store; it's usually in the dairy section. It comes in a little cardboard container like a small carton of milk.
  • If you are not allergic to eggs, please stick with eggs (they are healthier for you.) Another tip I found out is to find a meat market or a Health Food Store that sells "free range eggs" (they will also sell free-range beef and chicken.) I buy this because these eggs, chickens and beef are brought up the good old fashioned way, but still pass the Health/Food Administration (costs a little more.) If you buy the regular eggs they are filled with hormones, etc., and this is usually why you can get an allergic reaction. If you just don't care for it then please get the egg substitute.
  • Correction: You do not need eggs for most cakes. I have baked many cakes and never once have used eggs or even an egg substitute. They still came out moist and solid, and my friends and family couldn't tell the difference.
  • Condensed milk is a good substitute for eggs. Use a half-tin condensed milk for every 2.5 cups of flour used in the recipe.
  • I have used applesauce in many of my cakes, including pancakes, and it works great! I add a little more than 1 tbs for each egg. Or, I use 2 tbsp of baby applesauce... it acts as a binder and keeps it moist.
  • I add a cup of soy milk instead of an egg. Sometimes I add one banana and half a cup of soy milk, but I don't ever add an egg to my cakes.
  • To substitute for 1 egg you can use ingredients you already have. 1 Egg = 2 tbsp. flour 1/2 tbsp. butter 1/2 tsp. baking powder 2 tsp. water
  • Two years ago my daughter (who was 9) did a science project about this very subject. Basically, the eggs were binders to keep the cake together (and they did add flavor...). So the substitutes listed may ALL work (she tried lots of them herself). However, the use of applesauce created a dense and moist cake that her control groups (she brought every cake in to her class) devoured like crazy!
  • You can always find a powdered egg replacer at any health food store - they work great. I grew up not eating eggs, and whenever my friends came over, they could never tell the difference in my mom's baking. Just follow the directions on the box - this replacer is a baking substitute only, though.
  • Flax seed can be used as a substitute for eggs. Grind 3 teaspoons flax seeds in a coffee grinder and whisk into boiling water. Leave it to stand for 5 minutes before adding to your cake mixture. You can also substitute many different ground seeds/grains etc. for the flour content in a cake if necessary.
  • The closest replacement is milk. I wouldn't try anything else.
  • If it is just one egg you need, try taking a 1/4 cup measure, add 3 teaspoons of milk into it, and fill the rest of the measure with oil. (total milk and oil 1/4 cup). I use this for when I run out of eggs for potato pancakes.
  • Using applesauce for a substitution for eggs in a cake is a horrible idea. The consistency of the cake turns into nothing but sticky crumbs. And forget about frosting it. Maybe applesauce is a good substitute for other recipes but definitely NOT for baking!
  • Simply, 2 tablespoons of vanilla rice or soy milk for every egg.
  • Here is a list of foods that can be used for eggs...
  • Don't replace eggs or you'll get Short Cake! The resulting cake will tend to be far more crumbly.
  • There is no perfect substitute for eggs in a cake recipe if you want the cake to turn out right.
  • If you are using a box cake mix you can use a can of pop such as 7-up or coke in place of all added ingredients.
  • Use flaxseed - it works great! Grind 1-2 tbsp and then add a bit of water and heat on low until it turns into an "eggy" consistency. This would be for one egg... double for two!
  • Another option is bananas (1-2 mashed = 1 egg) but bananas normally change the taste of the recipe, while flax seeds do not!
  • Use a product called "egg replacement" - you may want to add a little more baking powder if you do this.
  • Unfortunately most egg substitutes are actually egg whites, with the yolk removed, or some form of egg. The best commercially available products are going to be marketed as vegetarian or vegan egg substitutes. These usually contain a form of tofu or something similar that performs the functions of the egg, i.e., binding leavening. There are many replacements you can use, such as applesauce or flaxseed and water. These solutions vary and are found randomly on the internet. The best source is cooking Vegetarian for Dummies, which can be found here: This link will answer the question more thoroughly.
  • From Pioneer Thinking website: ( What is a good substitute for eggs? Ener-G Egg Replacer - follow directions on box. 2 tbsp corn starch = 1 egg 2 tbsp arrowroot flour = 1 egg 2 tbsp potato starch = 1 egg 1 heaping tbsp soy powder + 2 tbsp water = 1 egg 1 tbsp soy milk powder + 1 tbsp cornstarch + 2 tbsp water = 1 egg. 1 banana = 1 egg in cakes.
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Q: What can be used as a substitute for eggs when making a cake?
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What can be used as a substitute for eggs when making a cake. What can be used as a substitute for milk when making a cake?

There are egg substitues that you can buy, otherwise oil sometimes works. Instead of milk, you can try soy milk or almond milk.

Can corn starch be used as a substitute for eggs in a cake mix?


What can be used as as substitute for eggs when making a cake mix?

Each egg may be replaced by 1 tablespoon of oil and 2 tablespoons of water.

What can be uswhat can you substitute for eggs?

Heavy cream can be used as a substitute for eggs. You can also use some sort of oil as a substitute, but this will depend on what you are making or cooking.

What can be used as a substitute for eggs when making cookies?

milk (from the time of depression)

What can be used as a substitute for milk when making a cake?

water , half and half, or heavy cream..

What can be used as a substitute for eggs when making fried chicken?

Buttermilk is a good substitute

Can you use 3 T of cornstarch to replace 3 eggs when baking a cake?

No, you can't replace eggs with cornstarch in a cake recipe. The eggs make the cake light and springy. You can replace three tablespoons of cake flour with three tablespoons of cornstarch if you like. Cornstarch does help lighten the cake, but it must not be used as a substitute for eggs.

What can be used as a substitute for eggs when making muffins?

Nothing. Eggs are special and can't be copied, just like snowflakes.

Can powdered egg substitute be used when making a cheesecake?

Powdered egg substitute can be used when making a cheesecake. Flax seeds, tofu and banana are some alternatives to eggs when baking.

What can be used as a substitute for eggs when making meatloaf?

Vegetbale oil, flax seeds, apple sauce, vegan egg substitute

What can be used as a substitute for eggs when making lemon bars?

pee it is realy good lol

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