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What can be wrong if you cannot get any fire in a 1993 Ford Probe SE?


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2004-11-14 17:38:34
2004-11-14 17:38:34

I'm not real familiar with that particular motor but there are a few possibilities. One would be the crank angle sensor. When it does not send a signal to the computer, the computer doesn't know which cylinder to send the fire to, so it just doesn't send any at all. When the crank angle sensor goes out, it will send a code to the computer and the check engine light will come on. If the car has a distributor, check the ECM (Electronic Control Module) usually mounted on the side of the distributor. Usually when this goes out, the car will start and run for a couple of minutes and then quit firing again, until it cools of again. You can take it off and have it tested at Autozone. If the car has a coil, that is also a possibility. It can be checked with an ohmeter. You could have a bad coil wire. It can also be checked with an ohmeter. You might want to check your timing belt if all of these check out OK. There are probably a couple other things to be checked, but these are the most likely.


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