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What can cause a car to die?


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2004-02-15 21:56:09
2004-02-15 21:56:09

Sounds like your battery has a weak cell and needs to be replaced.


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Not usually. But it will cause it to overheat. What kind of car?

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A bad fuel cap can make your check engine light go on. It shouldn't cause your car to run rough or die.

No, that will have no effect on the battery.

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No, but it could effect how the transmission shifts.

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It could be need of a tune up or a gas filter.

you can for a limited amount of time. without the belt your battery will die, and cause your car to die

that would be your engine, it cause your car to die with no way to crank it or anything, that happened to my Jetta once, it jumped time allot.

well overheating would be a big cause to it diening but it could be a number of things get a local mechanic to check it out

Yes, one bad cell in a car battery will cause the car not to start.

Certainly, a loose wire on the car battery can cause the car not to start.

It sure will. When you suspect a clogged filter, replace it.

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Lots of things. Not much gasoline could cause it because you would be using gravity to pull the gas to the back of the tank. Your engine might just not be strong enough to get your car up hills.

The battery just isn't holding a charge. Time for a new one. Batteries can die suddenly like this.

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